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Adam Sommer
3 min readJan 4, 2023

…On the cazimi under Full Moon light

art: Cesar Peralta

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”
Victor Hugo

If we could purchase lightning in a bottle, how much would it cost? If there were some way we could trade something for guaranteed access to the Muse, what would we trade? When stuck or uninspired or completely lost, sometimes we may even contemplate selling our soul for a glimpse of another way. And even though such Faustian bargains seem fantastical, we actually may be making them all the time with what we ingest, who we choose to spend our time with, and with the actions we are willing to commit to having some return in the future. It’s nuanced, but it’s there.

This week, there are three notable transits that can be correlated to this longing. On Jan. 5th, the Sun will trine Uranus (15º Capricorn/Taurus); On the 6th, the Moon is in full bloom (16º Cancer); And on the 7th, Mercury will align with Earth and Sun, experiencing cazimi (16 Capricorn). Within this window, we pray for Hugo’s Idea to come.

Each year, there will always be two trines from the Sun to Uranus-one waxing, one waning. This one is the latter (waxing was in September, from Virgo). The well-oiled communication between our star and the eccentric planet can offer substantial forethought. The Promethean impulse of Uranus is to share the secrets of the gods. The question then becomes: What secret could we most benefit from in 2023? Another: Even if we were given it in a bottle, would we drink it? And lastly: If we drank that secret sauce, what then?

The very next day, the Moon will be Full. Reason to celebrate? Will there be insights still glowing bright without a flicker for us to share with our friends under the caring light of a Cancer Full Moon? We hope. One aspect this Moon makes that is worthy of mention is the square to Chiron. It’s not exact, but it’s close enough for a mention. It’s a space in Aries that Jupiter is swiftly headed in the first quarter of 23'. The idea is to not get ahead of ourselves. We cannot rush our healing-or our learning for that matter. If you did drink that electric ambrosia, don’t think for a second it also gave you satori. Perhaps a glimpse, definitely not for life. That requires ten thousand months of practice at least.

And on Saturday, Mercury celebrates an end to a cycle in the heart of the Sun and immediately begins to contemplate what’s next. Thoughts will swim with Pricus’ progeny onshore. Whether they make it or not is another matter. Thoughts are like this. They are like baby turtles after the hatching. Some will make it to the sea, many will get picked off, and even those who make it safely still have the great big blue ahead of them. Few turtles, few sea goats, few thoughts will ever make their way back to that same beach they were birthed on to place their eggs. Life eats life. Ideas are no different.

In summation, be on the lookout for some hatchlings on a beach lit by great moonlight. If you are stuck, sit and contemplate; read and learn and walk. If you are used to being in production mode, try getting used to its opposite. Being it’s still the first stirrings of the New Year and a new Hermetic cycle is upon us, be content in the not knowing. And if someone tries to sell you something like lightning in a bottle, tell them to get lost as well. It’s good for all of us from time to time.


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