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Adam Sommer
4 min readAug 8, 2023

…On the Venus/Uranus square & her cazimi

Time is a hoodwinker. As we get older, it speeds up. We wish we had more of it, yet we can’t seem to find it. It costs us a lot and it’s the only commodity we can never get back. Time also disappears; when in flow, what is time? And for those of us trying to understand our lives with astrology, time is everything. It is the essence.

The prescient storyteller William Gibson once commented on the time which lies in front of us by saying, “the future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed.” He was pointing at technology, yet this can also be applied to our own lives. When we contemplate transits to come or any technique that offers us an insight from a day yet to pass, we’ve already germinated an idea for what’s to come in our imagination. The more we think of it and the more emotions that we splash around it, the more real it becomes. The telling of the story has already begun. It’s a kind of future authoring — the same can also be done with the past. We must be aware of this default nodal network at all times; it is something that connects our past, present, and future — along with other dimensions — at all times.

So when Venus is retrograde and squares Uranus (Aug 9th; 22º), a specific anomaly can be expected with our experience of time. The first relating to her star-points. Every 8 years, we find Venus in the same general area of the sky, doing the same thing (15', 07', 99' etc). These nodes alongside our timelines are flashing green and stories are unfolding from them. People from those times, places from those times, and all sorts of beauty from these times flower into our awareness. And then, Uranus flashes into view to check in on his scythe-born daughter. The conversation may sound something like:

Uranus: My love, what are you doing?

Venus: I’m checking my numbers. For some reason, my followers and engagement is going down…

Uranus: Why does that matter?

Venus: Ugh! You will never understand.

Uranus: It’s not that I don’t understand love, it’s that I don’t see the comparison between that and the real thing. In my day, before the gods took over, we were celebrated for being authentic — for sticking to our domains and lanes — being seen for our unique contributions. We saw mimetic desires as toxic behaviors. We wanted to learn from each other by witnessing what each of us had to offer, celebrating the discoveries but never copying them. The only way we could do this was through time out of mind. Even though time isn’t the same for us, we still have to exist within it, so we would make sure we made it worth it. We would encourage each other to step away, to go in, and to find that buoyant sweet spot in the middle of time. We were moment seekers with little interest in taking credit for anything that came through us. Those were good times.

Venus: (disgusted face).

Uranus: You won’t feel this way forever my love.

The voice of Uranus is an objective one — even alien at times. It may not fit into our current operating system, but it must be entertained. Whether with this square or the next (late September; direct motion) we will be confronted with an unsavory insight into how deeply we have subscribed to a challenging Leo narrative: star struck, star chasing, star is born then dies a lonely death; creator and/or destroyer, nepotist never neophyte; over the moon and too far over one’s skis; worshiping false idols; awake or awoke or… Uranus — from left field — surprises everyone, then guarantees change.

The cazimi is close as well. That is, the sauna of insight within the heart of the Sun that helps Venus conceive is coming. A new cycle is born here. It occurs on the 13th of August (20º Leo). It’s important to know about because if we were cleaver (and I know you know that we know we are) we would align ourselves to this conception, becoming participants in the ceremony. If it’s a love you long for, pray for it in the fire; if it’s followers, follow that path; and if it’s money, make sure you can stand behind how you make it, and save it in bitcoin. How Venus reacts to the Uranus square will be terribly unique for all of us — as will the cazimi. The goal here is to know that it’s happening, to have some good images in our minds about it, and an excitement for all the new connections to form. It’s a personal strain of pride we are looking for here.

In us, there is a theater of persons, all of which must have their time on stage. The trick is around time, again. We must be cautious of how much time we give to each of them. For now, Venus is center stage, and what an exquisite beauty she is.

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