.: Athene came first :.

Art by Lioudmila Perry

Everyone’s talking about the Great Conjunction. Just this morning, CBS somehow shouldered its way into my notifications to tell me about the “Christmas Star,” how it hasn’t been this way for over 800 years. There is some truth to this, in that Jupiter and Saturn haven’t been within a tenth of a degree since 1226, yet I find the Triplicity more intriguing: the fact these conjunctions are officially moving into Air signs. This one on the Solstice at the first degree of Aquarius. The one in 1226, early Aquarius as well (the last Air Triplicity; see: my Wyrd Conjunction podcast). And today, Athene beat them both to these starry coordinates.

Pallas Athene (Minerva) comes from them. Jupiter her father, Saturn her granddad, both were paranoid their children would overthrow them, so they picked up the bad habit of eating their kids. In fact, Jupiter would never have come to be if it wasn’t for the grace of Rhea (“flowing wisdom”) tricking Saturn (Chronos) into eating a rock, nor would Athene have come to be if it weren’t for the ‘splitting headache’ caused in Jupiter after eating his pregnant lover, Metis (“wise counsel”). With the grace of hermetic advice, Hephaestus took an ax to the King’s head and out jumped Athene. Fully formed, clad in the finest armor, soon to have an owl upon her shoulder.

Now, Athene being a Goddess of Wisdom and expert at pattern recognition, this graphic birth story hints at something universal, something all seekers eventually find, which is the truth in the Quadrivium: Geometry. Number. Music. Cosmology. Plato once stated, “that geometry pulls the soul towards Truth, and creates the spirit of philosophy.” In other words, if we could see into the mind of God, we would see geometry and numbers, hear angelic music, and be witness to the infinite spiraling of universes. Another name for this could be Palles Athene-the one birthed from the mind of God.

The fact that Athene has reached the first degree of Aquarius before her patriarchal line is intriguing. The cosmos are always poetic. Her spear points at something essential, her owl is wide-eyed to its truth. What is it? Well, what has changed today? What deep insight have you been given with this ingress? It should be a clear pattern and serve as an invaluable item moving forward in your quest with the giants of culture (Jupiter/Saturn) over the next twenty years.

Everything starts from a point, then a circle around it. My point is dancing on Athene’s spear tip, the circle is the full moon of her owl’s eyes.

Confused? Don’t be. Just contemplate the circle. Everything you need to know is in there.

* Tip of the hat to my friend Adam Tetlow for some of these teachings





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Adam Sommer


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