Bête Noire

Adam Sommer
4 min readMar 15


…On Mars Out-of-Bounds, its shadows, and Mercury’s cazimi

The day was October 22nd of 22' when Mars decided to step out of bounds. It was just a week before it stationed retrograde (Oct 30th, 25º Gemini) and over a month since the pre-shadow began (passing past 8º Gemini). When a planet moves out-of-bounds it is 23°27' north or south of the ecliptic. It relates to declination, which is different than longitude (degrees of planets). When a planet is OOB, it is a free radical in international waters. Mars will remain outside the Sun-king’s jurisdiction until early May. Today, it leaves its post shadow (25º Gemini), meaning we are departing the chapter of the infowar related to this past Mars retrograde, and we have entered the slow return phase of the ‘hero’s journey.’

If I were to choose a theme to sum up this period, it would be the Twitter Files. After acquiring Twitter, the most polarizing man alive aside from the Red King, Elon Musk, hired a handful of the last remaining journalists to dig through mountains of data left behind from the previous regime. With issues ranging from Russia gate to virus-related themes, the collusion between state-funded government agencies and the social media giant was undeniable, yet, that’s not what many seem to be hearing. Depending on where your dial is tuned, you have a different view of this reality. It’s a multidimensional story that, like most these days, is hard to access because of polarizing figures and dis/mis/malformation campaigns. You can see the Gemini influence, and you can feel the proximity of the retrograde of Mars, but the way in which the out-of-bounds influence has been was elusive. Perhaps, it can be spotted with our bête noire aimed at figures and ideas, many of which represent freedom.

It’s astonishing that a word like freedom has become associated with the right during this cycle. This unquestionable human right should be protected with our lives, yet it’s being stamped out and weaponized like everything else. It’s a concept that lies at the heart of out-of-bounds planets actually. When a planet leaves the Sun’s territory by crossing that 23°27' declination, it is free. It makes its own rules. It moves according to Ka’s will-which is really His or Her will, something divine. Mars OOB is politically non-binary with Libertarian sensibilities. This kind of freedom can’t be had in a totalitarian state. Thus, we find ourselves just one bill away from a Ministry of Truth proposition. Mars within should be on high alert!

Looking at Mercury, the one who rules Gemini and is intimately braided into this entire Mars Rx journey, it’s currently moving at maximum velocity, readying for the cazimi on Friday in Pisces (26º). When Mercury is on the other side of the Sun, it feels like time speeds up. It’s hard to keep up. It’s also easy to forget where all this started. So, as the dominos begin to fall around the banks in this GRC 2.0 and they continue to lie about the contents of the Twitter Files, remember to check your sources, and to have a varied mental diet.

In our own lives, which may seem disconnected from these macro stories, it’s in the way we navigate our freedoms and how we interact with those who do not see or agree with our perspectives. If the black beast of your bête noire keeps you from having an adult conversation with someone who loves the Red King or the Sick King, you may have lost the plot; If you can’t be around someone because of the choices they made with their own bodies, you’ve lost the plot; if you are arguing for more bailouts and hate the orange coin, you have absolutely lost the plot. If Mars has taught us anything in these past 7 months, it’s how to curate our news feeds and the value of genuinely being interested in another person’s perspective. If you can’t get yourself to do that, I’m afraid, you not only have lost the plot, but you didn’t learn anything from this Mars retrograde period.

Again, today we step from the post-shadow, entering a whole new world. May it be one of more curiosity, tolerance, love, and freedom. I’ll leave you with a quote from Naval, “Integrity is when what you think and what you say and what you do are one.” No need for virtue signals at that point…oOo





Adam Sommer

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