Cold Moon, Hot Mars
…On the Mars eclipse

Adam Sommer
4 min readDec 7, 2022


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A rare event is about to happen. Usually, when Mars is 180º from the Sun and at its closest orbit to Earth, his bright rusty presence is unmissable in the night sky; tonight, the ominous shine will be eclipsed by the Full Moon.

It occurs at 4:58 am GMT, so depending on where you are or what your sleeping patterns may be, you might miss it.

Where Mars is in its cycle is the essential context here. Every couple of years, when Mars goes Rx, it slowly moves toward this peak when it is opposite the Sun. When it occurs, not only is Mars at the biggest and brightest of his entire cycle, all the correlations are at their maximum as well. In the mundane world, I feel it's safe to say that the entire Twitter/Elon saga culminating with the release of the Twitter Files via Matt Tiabbi and Barri Weiss to be a wonderful expression of such an idea. In our personal worlds, we may be seeing an uptick in infections, inflammations, and insane manifestations abound. Just recently, I was told a gruesome story that happened during this retrograde of their dog running through the woods at full speed whose back was caught by razor wire. Sliced wide open, my friend had to hold the poor girl together in the rush to the vet. Miraculously, she survived and is doing great. But you get the idea.

The Moon will shield Mars from our view and perhaps our direct experience at 16º06' Gemini. The Chandra Symbol is curious:

17º Gemini:
A magic coin that has only one side

…some of the commentaries on this relates to having a front but, specifically, a bland one. That is: being inconspicuous. Dressing the part, saying all the right words, being hip to the current hot takes, making sure you are missed because you are in line, and sending out the proper signals. Strangely, it sounds a lot like the sneaky little goblin called SBF who has been on a media tour as of late, being the worst liar I’ve seen since some of my stoned friends in high school when confronted by their parents about being high. His magic coin had one side, the orange one has many.

This symbol takes my imagination deeper into the occultation. One of the primary functions of Mars is to defend. By setting boundaries of steel and holding the line, the rest of the psyche is safe to constellate. If the boundaries are breached, we have infiltration and infection. Being that both are happening in Gemini, we can apply this to the realm of ideas. I know it’s clear to most that we are being lied to most of the time, yet to now see the level of collusion between the government and social media revealed in the Twitter Files, is enough to foment a revolution. Whoever controls the narrative, controls the world. This Mars occultation can be seen as a plot twist/black pill moment for millions….if we are actually paying attention. When we become the storytellers, we create the world anew.

Information weaponized via propaganda can make people see red when they realize it for what it is. It awakens a killer instinct. But our natural instinct isn’t to kill but to protect. We see it with animals like wolves, who will fight until that unseen limit is met, then back off. We see it in humans as well. In Colonel Grossman’s book On Killing (which I haven’t read, but found compelling when I learned about it recently) most soldiers in war don’t actually use their weapons. For example, after the battle of Gettysburg 27,574 muskets were recovered from the battlefield. Of these, nearly 90 percent were loaded. Or, across the pond, In the 1860s the French general Ardant du Picq noted the tendency of his soldiers to fire uselessly into the air, over the heads of their enemy. Our instinct is not to kill, yet on social media, when somebody doesn’t agree with us or trolls us or we are fed a narrative about some public figure, it can make us taste blood. Not good. Poor Mars impulses running rampant. And so, the prayer is around more people being educated about what is actually going on in the realm of Gemini and keeping a cool head, looking for the solutions. Our freedoms are dimming day by day. We must defend our speech through education and discovering more compelling stories to tell. Plus, what really is solved when fighting with a faceless bot online anyways?

May this midnight Mars be the switch that needs to be hit. May it inspire you to take action to make that change. May you hold the line, educate, and be open to being educated in the town square of Ideas.

* Find Gemini in your chart and you will spot this beautiful flowering taking place there, at 16/17º Gemini


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