Dust & Mirrors

Adam Sommer
3 min readMar 2, 2022


On Venus & Mars visiting Hades

The conversation has shifted. Just as we were about maxed out on talking about the virus, all conversation has migrated to the new trouble in the East. It seems the macro keeps time according to Mars. Two years ago, when Mars was marching towards Pluto and Saturn, the pandemic began. The shock, the fear, the uncertainty, the doubt crept into all of us. Now, Mars is within whispering distance from Pluto, and the same emotions creep once again. A different story, yet the media’s approach is the same. This time though, Venus is present. Will she help with getting us into our hearts? Will she hold up the mirror in her shape to help us see? What will come of this?

Traditionally, it is Mars who relates to war and pestilence, yet according to many ancient cultures like the Maya and Sumerians, Venus as a morning star possesses a few of these qualities as well-especially the warring mentality. Tomorrow, these two firecrackers hit the streets of Hades and knock on the “devils” door (March 3rd, 28º Capricorn). The Chandra symbol for this stellium can help get the pistons going in our imaginations:


…this degree seems to imply time away from seeing clearly. It’s been too long since we took a long and frightening look at ourselves. Pluto also invites this kind of reflection as well. It’s akin to eating too much cannabis, having to get horizontal to survive the life review. It’s the horror we feel when we see those crow feet forming or the grey hairs peppering our heads. It also seems to be a degree that points at the final stages of addiction, when we decide we must binge before we can go cold turkey. The invitation is, of course, to wipe down the mirror so we can have a long and honest look. And in the realm of human relations, well, the world is a mirror. What we reject or dismiss or hate is a powerful mirror to a part of our own Psyche in great need of healing. Applied to the world stage, it’s a revelation.

It’s rare for the three to come together like this. Being that it’s occurring in the morning sky implies novelty. That is, something new and exciting is sprouting. Mirrors have a way with this kind of thing. Silver, glass, and a touch of moon magic will always bring potent reflections desperately needed.

The work? Find them in your chart and consider this to be the place of the dusty mirror. If you are a country like the USA, having a once-in-a-lifetime Pluto Return, more than one mirror may be needed. Halls of mirrors? Talking mirrors? Mirrors who know history.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by war. It’s hard to see what good ever comes from these terrible occurrences. But I do trust in the eternally unfolding Logos. If you’d like to support Ukraine with some Bitcoin, you can send some digital gold to this address:


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