.: Eleusis & the Centaur :.

Adam Sommer
3 min readOct 1, 2020
Art by Kim Kei

If the Moon wasn’t so bright and the space between so far, we could catch a glimpse of Chiron tonight next to her revelatory fullness. Now, even though our physical eye fails to see him, it doesn’t mean our inner one cannot.

…flames flicker

between you and the centaur

there is kykeon

between you and ecstasis

nothing, except doubt…

I’ve wondered most of my life about the origins of myth. Questions like: Are they just old stories, projections from our ancestors onto the sky? Or maybe there is something missing, like the flesh and pneuma to the bones of these ancient tales, keeping us confused? DId we dream them or did they dream us? What is the best way to encounter living myth?

Years ago, before my astrology studies, I read a book called THE ROAD TO ELEUSIS by Ruck, Hoffmann, and Wasson. It changed me-or better: it changed my relationship to the past, which in turn changed me. It explores the Eleusinian Mysteries and speculates with strong evidence of what happened there with the reenactment of the Persephone myth, what was drunk, and what the results would have been; transformation seems to be the conclusion. Initiates like Plato would walk away, an inch from the ground, with a reinvigorated view of life, an absolute annihilation of the fear of death, and an engaged relationship to the mythic landscape. And everyone would go, at least once (so it is told).

This morning, while writing out my dreams I was sent the link to a new book called THE IMMORTALITY KEY by Brian Muraresku. This book picks up on the ‘Road’ where the three men left off. A key to our past. A key into the mythic. A key to this Full Moon in Aries. Chiron is close by, and he, well, is the symbol of a key.

One spring day in 1943, Chiron lit a sacred fire on Albert Hoffmann’s North Node (conjunction by the degree; 22 Leo). He decided to test out a compound he had discovered from the fungus ergot. It was April 19th, a day forever remembered as Bicycle Day. Chiron revealed to Albert the story he was meant to tell. He became a living myth.

Now, I’m not saying dose and go for a ride under this Full Moon, but I guess I’m not saying to avoid it either. Chiron as an esteemed medicine man, therianthrope mentor, is accessible in ten thousand different ways. Focus your inner eye to him, see what he can teach you about your roots, so that you can grow fearlessly in all directions. Chiron has one foot in this world (Saturn), the other in the mythic (Uranus); his wild orbit confirms this. He carries both orphan and Orphic wisdom. May we be lucky enough to get even a drop of it under this Full Moon.

Suggestion: Ask Aries questions. That is: Where is the green growth trying to sprout? What resistance is there? Are there allies you can utilize in working through your frustration? Are you content with where you are at? Why not? What is healthy anger? Are you on a mythic path? You know, Aries inquiries.

…deeper and deeper and deeper it goes. Ad infinitum.




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