…On loving Malefics (Mars trine Saturn)

Adam Sommer
4 min readSep 28, 2022
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Energy is the power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light, heat, and power for machines; it is also the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. All of which originate with the Sun. Plants eat the light, we eat the plants, and the light captured gives the energy to get work done. Within the eternal debate on what is the best way to generate energy, the narrative is not only beginning to break, it is broken.

As the Nord stream bubbles in the Baltic and the world debates on who did it, Mars and Saturn trine each other(Gemini/Aquarius). You’d think this ‘harmonious’ geometry would offer some reprieve, but instead, it’s more insult to injury, Mars prodding the harsh reality of Saturn with a glowing iron. With the energy crisis already beyond comprehension before the ‘attack,’ it now seems to be a guarantee that Europe is doomed for the harshest winter in recent memory. And it is not isolated to Europe, we are all in this one together.

Astrologically, when we think of energy, it’s Mars who rushes to the front of our minds. Yet, Mars is more the action and work in regards to energy, not always the production. Each form of energy has a different planet associated with it. For instance, the Sun governs solar. Easy one. Coal and fossil fuels are Pluto’s domain (with a touch of Saturn). Hydro is Neptune. Wind is Mercury. And the form most misunderstood that just may save us all: nuclear, which is Uranus. It is Uranium after all which is most commonly used in nuclear reactors. Uranus is also in an aspect to Saturn, a square (though its exact hits are over). The three exact squares between the two occurred in 2021, yet the themes still echo closely. I’ve come to realize that a massive part of their “crisis” generated, is around energy. The push for the world to become electric while burying the facts around its implications and cleverly controlling the narrative around nuclear is a story worth tracking and digging into.

With the energy crisis well underway, I think it’s important to try and cultivate a defensive optimism around it all. We can agree, this transition is not easy, nor will it be moving forward. We can also agree, that we must ween ourselves off fossil fuels, yet the way in which countries like Germany and much of the Western world are pretending to do so is catastrophic. We can agree that renewables are a part of this transition, but aren’t the solution; no wind turbine or solar panel has a clean record as far as its footprint is concerned. The number of fossil fuels used to make them is unsustainable in the long run. And it seems, we can’t all agree that nuclear is quite the viable solution moving forward until fusion is solved, and the power of the sun is truly harnessed here on Earth. It’s a heated topic, and with the Mars/Saturn trine today, unpacking the importance of the Nord Stream in the bigger narrative is a good start. As with all things Mars-related, if you are triggered, it’s best to go into that.

In our own lives, these ideas can also be applied. By assessing our energy levels and carefully observing what we are putting into our bodies is a start. There is also the energy that is released within movement. Lethargy leaches energy and inspired movement creates it. The type of energy we choose to run in our bodies and share with those around us is the key to all of our happiness.

One of the easiest ways of understanding the Mars/Saturn complex is by replacing their names with Will and Work. When there is a willingness to work, energy will be provided; When that Will is lacking, we search for shortcuts and the energy spiral begins. Proof-of-Work is the foundation of this transformation (tip of the hat to those who understand).

Winter is indeed coming, alongside the Mars retrograde. It’s going to be one for the history books-especially those that focus on energy production. And so, stay warm, keep that cool head, and the finger off the trigger. It’s just another chapter. Thankfully, it’s a real page-turner. Let’s pray for a good ending.


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