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Adam Sommer
4 min readSep 21, 2023


On the Equinox & the final Venus/Chiron trine

The Equinox is upon us (23rd). It is the only day of the year when the sun rises directly due east and sets directly due west (1 of 2 that is). Up here, it’s the beginning of Fall; down under, naturally — and awkwardly — it’s springtime. With the scales in mind and the distant memory of a cultural celebration of this cardinal moment in the year, wouldn’t it be nice to see an attempt to strike a balance, to see from another side, or at least a kind of ceasefire being recognized? A day to celebrate like Saturnalia when all semblance of normal roles and positions are flipped upside down. It would possibly give us a chance to see the ridiculousness of our separations.

When we recently arrived in Colorado we did a Trusted House sitters gig. The home was on the edge of Boulder and Weld counties. For those of you not familiar with the terrain: the former is predominately Left, the latter to the Right (though quickly changing). The lovely couple who we took care of their animals for were kind progressives with a wide array of colorful stickers on their cars, with a similar setup for the dog harness; the neighbor to the right had a Ford-250 with MAGA stickers on his rig and an American flag hanging from his porch (when did the flag become right-wing exactly?). Every time I would wave to him over the fence, he would look away. Could’ve been my vibes or it could have been something to do with politics (his assumption we are on the same ‘team’ as the actual neighbors). From an English perspective, my partner is still adjusting to all the bumper stickers, flags, and clear division that is palpable here. And having been away for 4 years, I’m having to adjust as well.

I bring up this silly anecdote of my temporary return to segue into the final Venus/Chiron trine which will happen on the Equinox (23rd; 18º Leo/Aries). Venus — who is now up there in the morning like a spinning jewel — rules over this Equinox (Libra). Bountiful harvests, time with the community, and productive meditations on justice are on offer, but so too are the opposites: barren landscapes, no community, and the futility of endless rage about injustice. What can Chiron offer us this Saturday? Is there advice? Medicine? Or just another painful lesson?

Throughout this Venus Rx in Leo (pre/post shadows included) this trine has already happened 2x; this is the 3rd. These types of constructive dynamics always intimate a helpful teaching in relation to our hearts. Questions I’ve been given by Chiron with this transit often sound like: Is this really how you’d like to spend your time? Do you not know how to bring more joy into your life? Can you see how even though you don’t pick sides, you still can be divisive? And then, often, he shows a way to the answers. Always painful, always a revelation. Chiron has a way of skin walking into human form as well. These folks are potent teachers for us. And usually, we don’t like them very much. It’s interesting…

I’m not sure there is a way out of the quagmire in this country. It truly feels like two different worlds exist within the belly of one nation. It happened so fast. Supposedly, this is how it often feels during the 4th Turning (the last was in the late ’30s and ‘40s). But we can’t focus on that. It’s too big. We need to focus on our own hearts and divisive thinking. To find ourselves following a similar trail as Parzival — the Grail finder who knows what to ask and how to pierce through the dueling peaks — educating ourselves in equal parts on both sides. We need to hear everyone out. We must catch ourselves before shutting down. In theory, all of this is easy; in practice, it can seem impossible.

I feel all of this has roots in the lost connection to the old stories. Without myth, we make up stories. Without a God (or gods), we tend to believe in anything, falling into various cults. This is where Chiron steps in. He exists on the periphery of cultural drama. He is a master at showing how we have become separated and how to become reunited again. He knows all the techniques of ecstasy. He never played the victim and doesn’t allow us to either. It’s equal parts Venus and Chiron on this Equinox that we need; a fulcrum of clear sight. A moment lacking a trigger. A moment filled with humility.

Happy Equinox and find Leo/Aries in your chart to locate Venus/Chiron. If you need help, I’m here for you with my best Chiron imitation (see links below).


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