Familiar Moon
…On the Moon & her many cycles

Adam Sommer
3 min readNov 2, 2022
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The Moon shines on everything. When it waxes, the world is given more light to reflect; When waning, the light dims and the reflection turns inward. All our experiences can be seen through the Moon. What we feel about a subject or an occurrence is filtered through silvery threads, then integrated into our stories. The Moon helps us create bonds, form new habits, and shows us how to navigate emotional tides. In other words, we are all familiar with the Moon, whether we are aware of it or not.

The word familiar can trace its origins to the base of the family tree. What’s familiar to us is a similar experience to the feeling we get from our families. Yet, when the word is used as a noun, the meaning transforms. If used as a noun in the 16th century, it was a “demon, evil spirit that answers one’s call.” The Latin plural meant “the slaves,” also “a friend, intimate acquaintance, companion.” Being we are all food for the Moon, it’s not hard to see we can be enslaved by it through our attachments, our habituations, and the stories we cycle through. It’s an incredibly lunar word, whether as an adjective or a noun. But to say a ‘familiar moon,’ could also mean it to be an entity that we may have summoned (at least, in the 16th century). Sometimes, when we dabble with magic, we are unaware we that have entered the realm of the Dark Arts. Who would admit it if there were? It’s all too familiar.

From the earliest calendars to last week’s New Moon gathering, from werewolf tales to next week’s Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is keeping track of our stories. We can trace them through lunations, progressions, and even through the Nodes of the Moon. The moist and life-giving nature of la luna is the ideal environment for holding onto our stories and watching them grow. But not all growth is life-giving. There are some growths that are cancerous and infectious. They too can grow in lunar substrates, completely taking over the host. Moon work is mood work is familiar with family work. Best we get to it.

Every 18–19 years something extraordinary happens. The Moon and her Nodes come back to where they were that many years before. At the lower end, the 18 years, we have a Saros Series repeating, which pertains to the eclipses; At 19, we have the Metonic Cycle refreshing, which is 235 synodic months; And nearly in the middle, we have the 18.6 which relates to the Nodes specifically (it’s also a real estate cycle). And so, somewhere between the Fall of 03' and 04' exists the same lunar frequency as the Moon today-especially true with the eclipses. The recent eclipse was a part of the Saros Series which last happened in 04' and started way back in 1049. What to do with this information? Two things:

1. Travel back to then, and try to find similar themes
2. When you find them, ask the hard question about where you are currently at in that particular story?

…Have we broken that pattern? Have we moved on? Is that skin fully shed or is it still stuck to our back, waving in the wind? Again, it’s a familiar theme, because it’s a lunar theme. If you can’t think of a connection, watch your dreams closely. The Moon is a dream catcher after all.

As we approach the final eclipse of 22', which will also close out this particular Dragon Hole, we must learn from nature and figure out how to grow magic from our bullshit. It’s the key to understanding the Scorpio/Taurus polarity.

Good luck!


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