Fog of War

Adam Sommer
3 min readOct 12, 2022

…On Mars square Neptune

Depending on where you live, you are either in the calm before the storm, in it, or dealing with the aftermath. Aside from actual weather patterns where there isn’t much argument against just how dangerous they are, there are the proverbial storms we seem to be intentionally creating, with little foresight of where it takes us. And all information, from all sides, comes straight out of the fog machine in such storms. As Plato said, “those who tell the stories, rule society.”

As students of Astrology, it’s important to always take the macro movements and apply them to our own microenvironments. The likely potential for nuclear war may also be pending in our own lives. It could be in a relationship, in our minds, or in a disaster physically that has been waiting to be detonated. The escalation of this 4th Turning should have everyone’s attention by now. But instead of freaking out, we should be seeking how it can inspire us to live with more purpose. to be more alive.

Mars is square Neptune today. It’s a semi-rare, somewhat disorienting arrangement that can have us irritated or afraid without knowing why. It’s no challenge to find ways of inflaming our endangered peace these days, yet it’s essential to be knowledgeable on how to navigate the fog. Being that visibility is severely limited in any type of fog, it’s best to wait it out. Making conclusions or acting swiftly out of fear is never a wise move. That’s what get’s us even more lost, more afraid, and more confused. It’s usually best to weigh out options, check-in, and take in as many points of view as possible so we can orient ourselves best on what we think to be true.

There are two main realms of influence in life: 1. The Realm of the Outer World, where we have little power to change anything; 2. The Realm of the Inner World, where we have immense power to make changes. It’s so easy to allow the news to shove us deeper into the fog. And it’s so hard to have the discernment around what to take in and how we deal with the input we do allow in. Plato was right: The storytellers do control the world. The great news about that statement, is we are all storytellers as well. We can always change the way we tell our stories. The implications are vast and even infinite. Mars gives us the will to do so, Neptune the boundless possibilities. They can help us remove hope and replace it with truth through action.

I see no way out of the quagmire we seem to be in as a species, yet I trust in the process. We are all here, now, for some odd reason. Best we figure that out if we haven’t yet already. Things are about to get wyrd (er).

*Find Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces in your chart. That’s the aspect. More fog from Neptune’s side, and more prickles from Mars. It’s locked in close for some time. So, let’s get acquainted, shall we?



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