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Adam Sommer
3 min readAug 27, 2020
Art by Luca Bancone

There is an old idea that relates to Cancer and Capricorn being the entry/exit points of the Soul. Tethered to the Solstices, both of which are extraordinary this year (Eclipse on June 21st; The Great Conjunction on December 21st), these pivots on the year primarily relate to the path of the Sun, but in the backdrop, in the pages of hermetic texts, found within candlelit conversations with Neo-Platonist philosophers like Porphyry, is the metaphysical truth: This cardinal polarity holds the secrets of our coming and going.

If you’ve been keeping up (and looking up), you are aware of the stellium in Capricorn: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto holding deep space there. This is what I’ve been calling the Boneyard-inspired by Chöd practice and a Fink song. Opposite it, applying for three face to face meetings is Venus. She has my eye lately-and my heart, always. Venus is also trine to Neptune as I write, hopefully wedging open a space between our frustrations and fears and lack of energy, showing something truly unbelievable.

It’s in big ideas like the Gates of Man and of Gods with Cancer/Capricorn where a certain degree of solace can be found. All of our woes and wobbles down here in the mundane need context from time to time. Contemplating the nature of the Soul and its journey through the planetary spheres, being sculpted by the Gods, does something to Psyche. It opens windows in there-even blows off the entire roof, so we can see properly. It’s in big ideas like these where the truest kind of spiritual context can be felt.

And so, as Venus begins to oppose the Capricorn Triad hold close the reminder from Neptune today about the power of your imagination. The trine offers a lovely reminder of the power we have to create our worlds. It’s easy to allow others to splash paint on our canvas or to have the media pull our eyes completely from it, slowly sucking out the vital parts of who we are and meant to be. As Venus enters this conversation with the demolition crew, remember: Somewhere in these spaces of Cancer/Capricorn, souls are coming and going; the great mystery of life is pumping through the veins of this zodiacal mystery. Why not say goodbye to the souls of old and useless ideas, destructive patterns, and stories of descent and invite in the young stags and schools of eager fish so we can go hunting for some nourishing stories and ideas with some meat on them.

May this swift subchapter of the greater story offer some respite from the macabre and relentless narrative waking us up in the morning and tucking us into bed at night. May the Goddess help us remember what is really going on…and where. It’s right there beneath your nose. Beating, pumping, informing, loving, always. The longest journey we have isn’t from the hidden corners of the Universe into our incarnation, but from the head to the heart. I hope to find you there.

*Contemplate the Cancer/Capricorn story in your life and in your chart. See what you can find.




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