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…On Mercury’s aspects & The Age of Air

Adam Sommer
4 min readDec 14, 2022
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History is subjective. We try, with the pieces of primary sources we are left with to come to a definitive version of it, but it’s impossible. There is too much bias, too much discarded, burnt, and edited to trust it as the true history. What is withheld, what is pushed forward, and why certain narratives get stronger throughout time are also worthy considerations when contemplating history. It’s safe to say then, there is more than one history of the world.

An example is the history of the writing of the gospels. We are told, that by the end of the 1st century A.D. the primary gospels had been written. There is also admittance that some, like the Gospel of Thomas, didn’t make the final cut, yet the accepted history by the Church completely denies the evidence of certain final edits which took place in the 4th century, removing the more ‘heretical’ writings, especially any of which made the Romans look bad or claimed Jesus may have survived the crucifixion. There is more than one history to the world, in other words.

Astrology offers one of the highest-resolution lenses for understanding history. Whether it be Ages, orbits, or synodic cycles, there are myriad techniques that offer unique insights into the past. One of the favorites throughout the years is the Jupiter/Saturn cycle. Every 20 years they conjoin and every 200 years (roughly) they change triplicity (or the elements the conjunctions occur in). These changes of focus are nuanced, yet a jaw-dropping revelation into the quality of Time. And over the past 40 years, we have been transitioning from the Age of Earth into Air (80' in Libra, 2000 Taurus, 20' Aquarius). This exact transition was also occurring in the mid-4th century (332, Libra).

I don’t think the New Testament needs further testimony of its influence over the past couple of millennia. In the same way, we don’t need to debate about the relevant impact the Grail romances have had on Western Civilization over the past 800 years, since the last Earth/Air transition in the 13th century. (there have been 2 in the modern era). In Earth, the ground shakes, treasures are found, borders are drawn, and a new law of the land is set for the stage of Air when the stories are told. This idea is vital enough to fill an entire series of books, yet the idea to take away and plant places are the tellings of the stories. it’s not to say stories weren’t told in the previous Ages according to Jupiter and Saturn, it’s just that the Book-the gospel-is told and perpetuated throughout the next cycle. And if the world is made of language and the stories which birth from it, this is a very important idea indeed. What will this story be for us, moving forward in the Age of Air? Will we tell it or will some AI? And will the Grail emerge again?

Tomorrow, Mercury makes a couple of aspects worth mentioning that I will try to make relevant to what I’ve just laid out. Being that we are now in this ‘Age of Air,’ Mercury is right at home. All the topics at the tops of our feeds relate: freedom of speech, censorship, shadowbanning, education, social credit scores, compelled speech, pronouns, etc, etc.. Mercurial themes! And tomorrow, he will both square Chiron (11º Aries) and trine the North Node of the Moon (º12 Taurus).

With Chiron, the subject of education comes front and center. Being Chiron is known as the ancient, multidisciplinary, therianthrope, any challenging aspect with him will bring up our shortcomings. Like: Not having the ability to digest information counter to our own narrative, feeling inadequate to defend our position, and being afraid to even speak out of fear of the social ramifications. We yearn for Grail speech, yet it feels out of our grasp. The more open we become, the sooner we realize it is reachable. Such themes are coming alive.

And with the sweet trine to Rahu, it’s a glimpse of the Grail. Protected by the insatiable grin of a dragon, the golden shimmer is seen just there, on the horizon. We can feel we have the perfect amount of momentum to catch sight of what we have been working towards. it’s enough to keep us moving ahead. This too is alive.

In the Age of Air, we must take these wise words from Linda Sussman seriously, “To speak from the heart, we must listen to the speech of the heart, which grows articulate in being moved and is animated by the speech of the world.” This ‘speech of the world’ is different than the speech found online. It is different than the speech in our circles. It isn’t too different than the language of birds though. Attuning our minds and hearts to an immutable frequency is a true move. It’s one we can trust. And each time we do it, a blue feather falls from the sky and lands perfectly in our writing hand. it dares us to tell our story. To make history.

* Find Mercury just after sunset or at 11º Capricorn in your chart to begin the contemplation


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