Iris of Time
…On the Sagittarius New Moon & Jupiter’s station

Adam Sommer
4 min readNov 23, 2022

In John Crowley’s masterwork Little, Big, there is a lady mage in it who encounters Saturn (Kronos). It’s a brief, yet profound exchange in which the main takeaway is this idea, “The ancient world was concerned with Time, this one is obsessed with Space. And they don’t understand each other.” I’ve been rolling around with this contrast ever since.

World views are often irreconcilable. We see it in religion, it’s clearly the case with politics, and even with money (fiat vs btc). But with Time and Space? Our ancestors were definitely obsessed with Time. We can witness this in their calendrics and the way they viewed astrology. The leap though is seeing Time not as a measurement only, but as something which has quality and dimensionality; it’s Time that seems to also have Space in it. And nowadays, Time is stuck in a clock and tortures us as the years go by as we obsess over Space: How much of it do we need? How much of it have we explored? How much have we claimed?

What got me thinking about this fictional encounter this morning was the New Moon in Sagittarius @ 1º37'. The Chandra Symbol reads:

Many iris blooming in a wide variety of colors

…it emerges in our imagination as a field of flowers undressing themselves for business. A sea of color. Each offers an entirely unique perspective on the world. Each has different visitors and various pollinators. But what if it wasn’t meant to be flowers, but the Iris of our eye? Oh, to see the time-lapse of that kind of iris over time looking like galaxies being born, and dying throughout Time. Each iris, a lens of an entirely different reality tunnel.

This New Moon is also in a close, yet out-of-sign trine with its ruler, Jupiter, who just happens to be stationing direct today as well. The support from the aspect offers another perspective. Jupiter is great at giving us opportunities to experience the world differently, it just depends on our willingness to say yes to the offer. And as far as the station, whenever a planet readies itself to move forward, there is clarity available to download. Jupiter has been retrograde since July 28th. It began in Aries (3º) and will end in Pisces (28º). This little coincidence around this lunation is a godsend during these shambolic times.

We seem to live in a Space where it’s nearly impossible to know what to say. In that, depending on all the rapidly evolving stories and culturally engineered ethics and morals, one slip of the tongue, and the DELETE button takes out your name or credibility. Yet, we also live in a Time of an enormous convergence of cycles. The Age of Air, the Aquarian Age, the 4th Turning, The Debt Cycle, Winter isn’t coming, it is here. And when Time begins to transmute its dimensions, so too does our perceptual apparatus. The iris wilts and blooms again. Our eyes turn from blue to green, or green to blue, or even gold. Time then changes the Space.

The danger is to be captured by a narrative outside of what we know to be true. Another danger is to think that our perspective is the right one. The hope is we still have the ability to question the narrative ourselves. The tactic then is to question everything. To also be curious about everything. Nothing is black or white. There’s lots of nuance in color.

Every time I’m in a Sag lunation cycle, I have but one goal: To see if I can understand the world from a different perspective. Not to say I want to adopt it, I just want to see the world anew. I also want to deepen my empathy for those who see it differently than I do. May we all try to do something similar as we navigate the dark spirits of our time working against us on the backend of all our searches and scrolls. The algorithms are the code created by the new gods. The Holy Spirits of our time. We can’t see them directly, but we can see their work. This awareness must be cultivated in all of us. It is a feature of our Time and a bug in this Space.

*Find Sagittarius in your chart. This is where the themes of the month will be coded from.


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