On Mars/Mercury square to Saturn

Art By Lilia D

There are many ways to mitigate the dark arts. One can strap themselves to the light, and trust in that. If you believe in protection, you can decorate your body with talismans and hope they were made on the right day and hour. We can even pray. Whatever juju we subscribe to, there are various ways to minimize the amount of darkness that gets in while particular alignments like the one today take place.

Both Mercury and Mars gather today in Scorpio (7º) to converse about the hard realities we are facing. The reason is they are square to Saturn (7º Aquarius; including the Moon as well). It’s one of those transits that worry Astrologers-often, with some, keeping them indoors, safe from the possibility of being a participant in unfortunate events. But even if you’re laying low, the dynamic still scrapes along the depths of the heart, offering up that sinking feeling when we realize what we have done. It’s a wake-up call.

From Mercury’s perspective, who is migrating into the underneath at the moment, leaving the morning sky and dreaming of the evening with a bag full of his favorite books, he reminds us through the writing of Stephen King that, “…books are uniquely portable magic.” The notion of our lives being composed of stories is realized, and it’s in great stories where we will find ourselves even more-especially those with Soul.

Mars sees things a bit differently. Domicile and fresh-legged at the beginning of his cycle, he is excited for the morning sky, and he’s getting impatient. No time to read. No time to heal. Only time to fight. Wherever this is occurring in our charts is where we are likely the most irate. It’s important to remember the ever-used quote from Dune here: Fear is the mind-killer! Don’t kill Mercury, kill your “darlings” instead.

And finally, seen from the cloudy eyes of the slow mover, the one governing this entire dynamic, Saturn has no patience for much of this. It’s time to change. It’s time for bigger tools than a chisel to reshape this world. It’s time to completely own up to our current position and to stop trying to convert others to our own. It’s time to see it for what it is. It’s not comfortable.

All together, it makes for a beautiful Fall day where we get to mimic the leaves. So much is falling away. Let it. So much life whats to grow from this decay. If we don’t willingly let it happen, it will be forced from our unwilling hands, and usually, there is more pain in that story than the former.

Should you be worried? We don’t know enough to worry, yet we know just enough to avoid motorcycles, swords, guns, snakes, hippos, poisonous insects, leverage trading, and, of course, toxic radicals on the left and the right today. No need to stay at home unless your home is surrounded by all of the above.






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Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack: https://kosmognosis.substack.com/

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Adam Sommer

Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack: https://kosmognosis.substack.com/