Lapis Exilis
…On Venus, Pisces, and the Evening Star

Adam Sommer
3 min readJan 25, 2023
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Isaiah 14:12:

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”

It is said, that when Lucifer was cast from heaven with such godly force, a magical stone popped from his crown and landed to Earth. Some say this is the Holy Grail-Lapis Exilis, the stone of heaven. It could revive the Phoenix and make you live for 200 years. If you were about to die, it would ward off your death while in its presence. Yet, others would argue it all to be a metaphor, and that Lucifer is Venus and it’s a story associated with the Venus synodic cycle; The Grail then, relates to the Goddess. Whatever the case, Lucifer is not who we think he is, and the Doomsday Clock is about to strike midnight.

With Venus finally an evening star, separating from Saturn there as well, our understanding of her place in our lives is maturing. Personally, we may feel like we have grown tremendously since the beginning of the cycle in early 21'(Capricorn). We may be able to see it in the context of a relationship, our healing process around a loss, or a deepening connection that was made back then. Collectively, it offers an uncomfortable meditation on the conflict in the East. Being that it began when Venus had just become a morning star, we can use the Venus cycle to help us understand its progression better (both countries also have Saturn in Aquarius, thus in their Saturn returns). We sometimes forget that Venus not only related to war to many cultures (and still does), but again, has been transfigured into Lucifer as well. So, the “great reveal” that we are now 90 seconds from midnight on the Doomsday Clock isn’t exactly my idea of a comforting entrance into the evening sky in the wake of a conjunction with Saturn.

Soon, she will also ingress into Pisces (Jan 27th). Her/His exalted domain. The space where the stone glows bright and we can live forever. Phoenixes die and are reborn in rapid succession and it makes us all feel more connected to something divine. Even though Venus splashes into these waters from which she came annually, it’s no guaranteed ride on the back of Pegasus. The shadow from the West where she currently reflects the light is getting snared by images, taken by tides of collective fervor, and even losing our sense of self in the process. It’s hard to see our reflection in the sea. This can happen in ten thousand different ways, and the immunity around the infection is knowing thyself. In understanding the Ground State. That is, who are we without a mirror of another?

As we get more accustomed to the heart-wise energy around each and every sunset, it’s critical we aren’t poorly hooked by an object of our desire. If there is a 3rd eye stone from Lucifer’s crown, likely, we will never get to touch it. If there is an ideal partner we’ve always been dreaming up, be ready to embrace something completely different (in a good way). And if you thought the Grail wasn’t accessible for whatever reason, think again. It’s in all of us, waiting to be witnessed. All we have to do is go out on our own and enter that space from where it seems darkest to us. That’s the key. Lean into that, and Lucifer may reveal his true name.

Venus moving into Pisces is worthy of a good celebration. May you find one this weekend.


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