Make Belief
…On Venus in Sagittarius & Jupiter’s demands

Adam Sommer
3 min readNov 16, 2022


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Belief is a powerful drug.

It connects us to what we think to be true. Images, ideas, and intonations of concepts larger than ourselves which resonate to a chord strung deep within our souls, belief is a tether to the unbelievable. The problem is, it’s not universal. Each of us experiences reality through multiple channels. We all translate the inputs differently. And when it comes to gods, ism’s, and politicians, belief is not just a powerful drug, it can be a gateway to hell.

One of the great attributes of astrology is its apolitical. It doesn’t care if we vote for the Red King, the Sleepy King, or think the Goblin King (SBF) meant well. Its job is to help us understand Time-and, not just the clock sense of the word. Astrology is the study of Light and Time; or, perhaps better said: Light in Time. A simple example of this can be found in the Tropical Zodiac. All the signs are pegged to the seasons in such a profound way, it’s tough to argue with the symbols. When the Sun moves through Scorpio, the natural world begins to shed its skin, pushing energy into its roots, preparing for the long Winter and its diminished Light; Once in Sagittarius, we hope for an ember and a dry stack of wood for all the stories to begin circling around. Faith is generated. It’s needed to make it to Spring.

Today, Venus moves into Sag. Tomorrow, Mercury does the same. Next Tuesday, the Sun makes its move. And as this process takes place, they will all trine the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, just before. It’s some respite from what we have just moved through with the eclipses. It’s an invitation to the fire for storytime. We’ve all got our stories to tell, it’s just important to remember that not all stories are true. We must always be discerning, digesting what is useful, discarding the rest. If the world is made of stories, we must be choosy in the ones we decide to tell.

I find it intriguing that these three trines to Jupiter happen just before it stations direct on the 23rd. If you weren’t aware, the gaseous shield of our solar system had already ingressed into Aries, then via retrograde motion slid back into Pisces. What was left behind in these domicile waters? What support can be given to the personal planets and the Sun? What deep wisdom can be found around this harmonious station?

In the ancient world, our Norse brothers and sisters believed that for the King to have a proper send-off to Valhalla after death, a few sweaty horses chopped up and a slave would be an ample offering to the gods, sent up in flames by a hot arrow shot into the boat they all laid within. The Egyptians believed that this life was only a preparation for the afterlife-just a flash in Time for the judgment of our souls. And some people these days actually believe politicians are honest people. Again, belief is a powerful drug. It’s a Sagittarian idea.

Jung was once asked if he believed in god, and he smirked behind his pipe, then replied, “I don’t believe, I know.” When we know, we should know better. We will never change someone’s beliefs. Why should we even try? But what we can do, is make belief. That’s where a lot of magic is found. Being mythmakers knowing that great stories are worthy of constellations. As it was the case with Chiron and Asclepius, the two gods we find in Sagittarius were granted their place in the heavens by none other than Jupiter himself. A life well lived.

May we all have lives worthy of such exaltation. May we find a breakaway within ourselves that reconnects us to what is True.

*Find late Scorpio/early Sag and Pisces in your chart. That’s where the Act is taking place.


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