Mercury & The Cure

There is a sickness going around.

Yes, there is COVID-19, but it’s not what I’m referring to here, though some of its unintended effects would relate. The sickness I refer to has been spreading for generations. It has found a host in all of us; some more than others, yet it’s embedded deep in everyone. It goes by many names as well. One such name for it is ‘wetiko’: a word used by Native Americans to describe it. Essentially, it’s a psychospiritual disease that feeds on the fear created by the illusion of separation.

Dualistic thinking makes it spread swiftly. It shoots like a toxic arrow from fingers pointed at others. It breeds in Monotheism. And its only cure is by constellating the Psyche and seeing the interconnected nodes between all things. Its cure could also be called Coincentia Oppositorum. Or Paradox. One beyond the many.

This Janus-faced truth is a mercurial one. At the moment, Mercury has vanished from the morning sky and is heading for the other side of the Sun at the speed of Krishna’s arrows. In Sagittarius now, a space detrimental to his health, he doubts his direction, which means we can too; he is moving faster than at any point in his cycle, which means we are to; he is becoming combust, which means we may be feeling burnt out as well-eclipsed even. But as long as our aim is true, as long as we are attempting to see beyond the forms, editing our stories to include a more unified, guilt-free narrative, we are soaring along a true path.

Where is the target?

The Galactic Center could be seen as one.

On the day before the Great Conjunction, Hermes will unveil his greatest feathers and dance in cazimi fashion, marking the midpoint of his synodic dance close to the GC (28º Sag). What does it mean? One way of seeing it is that the sublimation process will have begun. The purification lies at the bottom of the vessel of memory, and the ideas which have been claiming us for the past month and a half will be distilling into helpful visions. A Bulls Eye. Something which has hopefully hit the mark.

When Mercury moves at its fastest speed, many Rx symptoms emerge. Don’t forget to meditate. And always double-check everything related to fire.

* Find Sag in your chart and you will see Mercury, the Sun, and the Dragon readying itself for the feast on December 14th. Many visions seep out from this area of the chart. Turn inwards and perhaps you will be graced with one of those golden arrows of Truth: An insight to help mend the pains of separation.



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Adam Sommer

Adam Sommer


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