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In the wake of that full-bellied Moon, millions of Buddhists celebrate the birth, the death, and enlightenment of the Buddha today. It’s a day they call Vesak. For most traditions, this happens with the Scorpio Full Moon each year.

When I learned of this from a Buddhist monk while soaking in some high country hot springs, my relationship to Scorpio and the Buddha changed forever. To know the three most important days of Siddhartha’s life occurred under this Moon rewrote the script for the idea of a “fallen” Scorpio Moon.

The very essence of Buddha’s teachings is impermanence. His first Noble Truth is “Life is suffering.” Many read this to be nihilistic and their inner Jupiter rebels. Yet, the more you contemplate it, the more you realize it’s the truest statement ever made.

The Buddha’s life began with the death of his mother. Her name was Maya (revealing). That was under this Scorpio Full Moon. His awakening occurred after years of searching and attempting to get to the root of suffering. Once passing the near-impossible tests under the Bodhi Tree, Satori graced his presence. That was under this Scorpio Full Moon. And when the Buddha finally left body, due to sickness by mushroom (depends on who you ask, this is the version I resonate with), that also happened under this Moon.

Lately, I’ve been reading the Egyptian Book of the Dead. A book I have always wanted to read, yet knew the time would arrive when I was drawn into its ancient truths. This Moon is what had me flipping the first pages. The moment you begin to learn about Old Egypt you realize they weren’t just fascinated with death, but saw life as preparation for it. Everything we do here will weigh against that feather in Duat and craft our journey in the “afterlife.” It’s different than heaven though. It’s more like here, just more real. Ideas like these should be entertained daily. Holes to heavens!

Our culture is death phobic. We are petrified of it. Probably because God is dead for many or for those who still believe, sadly have never met him/her. And so, as I’m sure many of you have been thinking and making many decisions around death these days, it’s important to ask, “WWBD?”

…he would probably just hold up a flower.

In every bloom, there is wilt. In every life, there is death. Under every Full Moon, opportunity to see differently. This is what we are doing. And it’s so beautiful!

And so, I offer you this bit of Astro-Buddhist trivia to help you through these times. Do your practice. Sit up straight, shoulders back. Contemplate impermanence often. Enjoy this moment. Everything is in it. Including your new take on Scorpio.

Keep it wyrd,

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Art by Nathan Wirth



Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack: https://kosmognosis.substack.com/

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Adam Sommer

Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack: https://kosmognosis.substack.com/