Mutual Deception

Adam Sommer
2 min readSep 22, 2021


On Venus & Mars sharing signs

Art by Viktor Blomqvist

It is said, that when one planet falls in another planet’s sign, and vise-a-versa, it’s called mutual reception. Supposedly it softens any negative effects the planets may have by aspect or their respective ‘fall’ or ‘detriments.’ In the case of Venus and Mars in the sky at the moment, I’m not so sure. Venus in Scorpio connects us to the unsavory, Mars in Libra, the velvet brick, the perfect politician, disconnects us from the savory. Together, in mutual reception, there should be a pleasant harmony being played in the ethers, yet, I’m not hearing it. Can you hear it? I’m not sure I can, not yet at least. The two seem to be creating more of a mutual deception than anything else.

I’m writing this somewhere between Fall and Summer. It’s the Equinox today. A time of equality between day and night-a symbol of balance, no matter how fleeting. Such balance and equality should be mirrored by the ‘reception’ between Mars and Venus, yet again, it seems something is amok.

Nobody will ever be able to deceive us more than ourselves. We are interesting storytellers in our own heads. The stories we tell ourselves, sometimes don’t match the tales we tell others. We all do this. It’s a kind of mutual deception. Venus wants the connection, Mars the space, and we will deceive to accomplish the two. To be liked or to fit in, we must navigate all of this to get there. What will we do for that connection or lack thereof?

In our moment, it seems Mars has the upper hand in this sign swap. So much separation, so much anger, so much vitriol, for what? To convince someone of our gold standard perspective. We have gone to war over something none of us can be 100% certain about. It’s a wondrous deception. And it’s perfect. There is no other way to find ourselves unless we first get truly lost. We are there. Lost in the dark woods without a map or phone or light to guide us. This is the good news.

Somewhere along the Sun’s path today crossing the celestial equator two people from opposing sides will have a mutual mutation as they remember what’s really important. Somewhere in this equal day and night scenario, there is a mutual embrace around the reconciliation of differences. Somewhere today, profound healing will take place. Someone will find their way out of the dark forest, discovering that it was Venus in the West who guided them out.

Love will always find a way.

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