Nestled in the 5th Element

Adam Sommer
3 min readMar 1, 2021
Art by Raw and Rendered

It is said, that along the axis of our vertical imagination Air & Fire work together to bring the Spirit up and Earth & Water conspire to bring the Soul down into the body. Depending on how deep our Soul goes determines the exact proportion of how high our Spirit can fly. The horizontal intersection of this ascent and descent of subtle energies is where we find the reality we try to agree upon: this world. And then, what surrounds all of it, permeating the invisible landscape would be Aether-the 5th element.

Plato felt at the core of each element exists a platonic solid, geometry which tessellates and interacts with the other elements based on the faces of their shapes. He observed that the elusive 5th element for example was a dodecahedron (a solid based on 12 pentagons). He also believed the entire universe lived inside of this shape. In other words, the entire cosmos is both governed by the 5 elements, but also lives within their shape. Interesting to note (or remember): Venus draws a pentagon in the sky every 8 years with her 5 conjunctions with the Sun; Mercury as well, in a more elusive manner in what John Martineau calls a dodecahedral aura based on his elliptical orbit (more on that in another post; or in his book you can find on my site).

With all this said, whether understood or not, it should get you pondering the order of things, traveling excitedly along the axis of your imagination. Also, Mercury is nearing his maximum elongation with the Sun (on the 6th) and is also approaching his final feathered step out of the post-shadow of the recent retrograde (12th) which means new ideas are sublimating. Throw in a trine to Rahu today, a dragon he currently rules, and much is moving from a solid-state straight into the air, skipping over its aqueous phase. Like the words in this piece, much hasn’t been felt deeply enough or watered adequately to be understood fully, but will in time. If we think back to the beginning of this Mercury Cycle on the 20th of Feb, we have a pivot for this meditation. Think: What have you been trying to understand or put in motion since then? Can you hear the breeze coming through the trees, eager to help with your sails? It’s coming.

Not unlike the image of Mercury in Botticelli’s Primavera, he points skyward while standing in Venus’s spring garden. Lush and verdant green, Eros shooting about, it’s a scene playing out in all of us. One God points up along the vertical imagination, one Goddess points down. The entire scene contained within a geometric cosmos. A lot to think about today, as Mercury trines the North Node of the Moon. Big thoughts for our little brains; little coincidences for our big selves.

You can find Mercury along with Jupiter and Saturn each morning in the East before the Sun greets your day. Venus, on the other hand, is on her own journey, in the dark forest behind the scene of Primavera. She will emerge in the West soon enough.

Find them in your chart. Ask them questions. Use your imagination.



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