Over Twisted
…In the wake of the eclipse/cazimi

Adam Sommer
3 min readNov 9, 2022
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The eclipse was hyped, and it seems like it lived up to the expectations.

Even the Rolling Stone ran an article, focusing on the blood and pulling from some astrologers you may know, calling it a ‘shit show.’ Aside from mentioning the predictable talking points: “watch out for the rise of fascists and racists” and the fear porn around the election, there was no mention of the markets. And boy, oh boy, did the crypto market experience a plot twist of epic proportions.

What started as a feud on Twitter between two titans in the space, quickly spiraled into a liquidation event and contagion throughout the entire crypto market. CZ of Binance vs Sam Bankman-Fried (the most appropriate name ever), the battle for the future of exchanges. Gross. Pathetic. Shameful. Odious. Just a few words that come to mind when reflecting on the state of the crypto market. Yet another reason to learn about Bitcoin, and realize the difference.

I first began to notice the plot twists with eclipses in my own life when I started learning astrology. At times, it’s quite subtle, others it smacks you across the face with some part of a dragon. I then began to see how it applied to markets-especially bitcoin. Whatever the narrative is going into the eclipses will twist and turn and flip around in the two weeks in between. This past dragon hole was no exception to the rule. What does it say for the future of the space? Something like: only the strong and truthful will survive.

There was also a Mercury cazimi (Scorpio) that happened with the eclipse, nearly perfectly opposite. When Mercury is moving fastest and beyond the eye’s reach on the other side of the Sun, it can be hard to keep up. At the speed at which the news comes at us these days, it’s even more exasperating. Throw in an election, another Elon story, and a crypto bloodbath, and well, it’s not hard to feel slightly overwhelmed. It’s the perfect time to not be thinking clearly. It’s one of the dangers with such a combo of transits. It may be best to sit on our hands until the storm passes completely.

This eclipse had lots to do with the implications of our technologies (Uranus/North Node) as well. It tossed a shadow on our relationships with them. The late great John Anthony West called part of this The Church of Progress. He was pointing out this addiction we have to novelty and the future. How it steals from our education of the past, implying we don’t seem to learn much from it. For example, if counting votes is a problem, why not put voting on chain (or at least digitally), so that it is immutable and easier for everyone to put their vote in? John once said, “Few things in this world are more predictable than the reaction of conventional minds to unconventional ideas.” People did it with the internet, they did it with the iPhone, and naturally, they do the same with bitcoin (and the rest). This plot twist is simply squeezing out the toxicity. It changes the story for the better. We just can’t see it yet. Perhaps there will be voting on chain in future elections. Maybe not. Regardless, the Church of Progress still has its worshippers and will continue to innovate out of necessity.

In our own lives, the same themes apply. Just copy and paste some of these ideas to where the eclipse happened in your chart (Taurus/Scorpio) and see where the plot may have ‘overtwisted.’ At times, we need some distance from the eclipses before we can see what has changed. The same is true with Mercury’s cazimi. The ideas humming around him will become more apparent once he becomes an evening star, soon enough.

All said… it wasn’t boring. Big transits rarely are.

Now, we rest.


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