Panpsychic Probabilities
…On the Uranus/North Node conjunction

The most interesting transit of the year is fast approaching…

I usually don’t dabble with such characterizations or predictions, but I can’t help myself here. The Uranus/North Node conjunction coming up on the 26th of July (18º Taurus) will be an alignment that we look back on in 15 years and say, “unbelievable; I can’t believe how that played out.” When the Promethean impulse animates the insatiable head of the dragon. there are leaps and bounds and twists and turns of consciousness to be expected. It’s like an improved circuit board is added or an exciting new operating system is installed in the collective mind. It is the glowing spearhead of the next zeitgeist. Essentially, it’s the next trend.

Robert Blaschke made the observation that each Uranus/NN conjunction ushers in the next trend in Astrology (tip of the hat to Gary Caton for first educating me on this). A few examples would be the conjunction in Sagittarius in 1900 which opened up much influence from the Theosophists and such minds as Alan Leo; the conjunction in Capricorn in 1991 corresponds beautifully with the beginning of Project Hindsight and the translations of ancient texts which have allowed Hellenistic Astrology to be studied in the way it is today; And the most recent one in 07' (Pisces), which no doubt invited back the spiritual emphasis with lofty branches such as Evolutionary, Hermetic, and other mystical approaches popularized by the Harry Potter generation. There is also a way in which you can study the history of these conjunctions and see quantum advances in technology. Perhaps the two are linked? And so, the question is: What will come after this one in Taurus?

Thanks to the Renaissance of magical thinking and even the fringe discoveries in science within the quantum realms as of late, many are starting to remember that everything is conscious. Maybe not in the way in which humans experience consciousness, but connected and influenced by all manifest phenomena just the same. It’s in the mechanisms of what makes manifestation work, practical magic, or energy healing. In a sense, it’s a vibrational epiphany. We know vibes, but do we know vibration? This sense of working with our reality under the assumption that everything is conscious and connected is considered to be panpsychism. It’s part of what I feel is being ushered in by this alignment. The other part is financial.

In the 14 years of my studies of Astrology, Financial Astrology was never deeply considered. I’ve been aware of W.D Gann and Ray Merriman etc, but I was never interested, that is until Bitcoin. Over the past handful of years, I have been finally learning much about how Astrology can help us understand markets, and I can attest that JP Morgan was onto something when he said, “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.”

Bitcoin got my attention back in 2016 because, in theory, it was a way to solve so many problems we as a species are faced with. And I can confidently say, my thesis has never been stronger about this. With the last conjunction in 07' which brought us the iPhone, this one in Taurus will only increase the value proposition of what these devices can do. It was also in 08' when Satoshi released his White Paper. And so, one cycle later, as our innovations build on each other, what can we expect moving forward?

[Perhaps] We will see a speedy transition into digital-only cash. We will see the war between Bitcoin, crypto, and CBDC’s play out. We will see our entire identity go on chain (no more real-world passports, licenses, deeds, or certificates). We will see more astrologers creating talismans with NFTs. We will witness a resurgence of W.D Gann’s teachings. We will see an improvement in apps that tell us about both plants and planets when we take pictures of them. We will witness an entirely practical use of astrology in the workplace: ie. being used to hire and fire. We will see businesses making plans to launch and hold back on releases based on electional astrology. We see an entire generation grow up, knowing what Bitcoin is, wondering why in the world someone would prefer gold. We are going to see the power of the ruler of the North Node in Bitcoins’s chart in full display (NN in Aquarius). And I will look back at my nervousness around publicly talking about Bitcoin as ridiculous.

…and it will bring so much more.

The purpose of Uranus/NN is to innovate, surprise, and improve. So, applied to any topic of interest, you are likely to find amazing developments throughout time in the 15-year intervals of this transit.

To condense my thesis into a nice and solid Taurean form: We will see the popularity of Financial Astrology shoulder itself forward, alongside the embrace of some surprisingly magical use cases for Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT’s). Bitcoin will be a household name and a normal way of storing value (Taurus). We will have manifested a new reality, the 4th turning will end, and there will be more panpsychism than before the conjunction.

Personally, how can you prepare? Get with the times, because they are a changing (exponentially). Consider panpsychism. Also, consider that so much of what you have been taught may be incorrect.

*I’ve been working more and more with students around these topics (btc, charts, the crossover etc.). If you’d like to know more, just message me.
** none of this is financial advice

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