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…On the start of another Mercury cycle

art by Jon Ching

Recently, I came across an article about Alan Watts’ first experiences with psychedelics (similar LINK, couldn’t find the original). Indeed, he was impressed with the compounds, yet seemed even more smitten with the garden he was in. Many of his first journeys took place at the historic Druid Heights in the Bay area. It was an eccentric go at communal living partly run by his sister, Elsa, her partner Isabel Quallo, and carpenter Roger Somers. Elsa was an avid gardener. She was also English, which slightly matters — depending on who you ask. The English have a particular relationship to their gardens and it seems Alan carried this with him all the way out West as well.

It was either in that piece of writing or somewhere lost to me, that broke down the meaning of the word “paradise.” In ecclesiastical Latin from Greek paradeisos is a ‘royal (enclosed) park’ — literally a “walled garden.” Adam and Eve were banished from their paradise for eating that forbidden fruit. So many of our fond memories which may feel like paradise have been grown in gardens all over the world. And again, Alan’s circular mind found a sort of paradise in one as well. It was in one of these ‘paradises’ where I found myself for the recent Mercury cazimi in Virgo (13º). Somewhere South of London, filled with near-perfect pets, humans, and a rare heat of the Old World is where I sat with the early Sun before my flight back in retro fashion to Colorado.

More than once the idea of paradise entered my mind. Yet, I’ve always been one for the wilds, not the well-tended garden — especially one with high walls, without much of a neighbor. But there it was: A Virgo epiphany on the day of cazimi in Mercury’s exalted position.

…in the heart of the Sun

a feather falls erratically

from that god’s shoe,

an idea —

an egg really

— to nourish it now

or later …

With this cazimi, there was also a trine to Jupiter (15º Taurus). It has provided us extra support for what ideas we’d like to bring into creation this cycle (next 120 days or so). And if Jupiter were to take the form of Aristotle, this idea of his could be considered ‘trinal’ or ‘expansive’: “…the mind is to the soul as vision is to the eye.” There are many ways to expand the mind, but first, we need to open it. Only then can the universe flood on in.

Tracking Mercury through an entire cycle will do it. Having a conversation with someone you know nothing about may do it. Listening to Alan Watts is a surefire way. Reading a book or watching a film could — though it depends on the magic in the content. Allowing nature’s gifts into our bodies in a ‘walled garden’ — some paradise — is always an option, though not for everyone. Once our mind is open, so too is our Soul. This is the first step. Then, and only then can we begin to terraform our existence into the paradise we think is out there. We may then learn that it’s not ‘out there.’ We may see how it’s been waiting to be born through us all along. Always has, and always will.

…feathers, eggs, and mind-manifesting ideas…

  • Find Virgo in your chart. You’ll discover Mercury there. This is your nest for the cycle. It all starts from here.

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