Red Revelation

Adam Sommer
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…On the Mercury station, Mars combustion, and a moment with Chiron

Midjourney Revelation

The first event to occur upon my return to Blighty was the slightly ‘biblical’ flooding. It’s as if the rain has been hammering down for 40 days and nights. The second event was our car deciding to die while in the States, during all this wetness. We had it parked where all of Michael’s books are kept and during the flood and the wait for AA I opened a box filled with his last book, Racing Toward Armageddon. I began to read it immediately; Mercury was stationing and Mars was still combust in Sagittarius, stoking the flames from Gaza all the way to Ivy League campuses across the US. Then, the synchronicities began.

The second chapter of the book is called The Red Heifer. It explores the ideas that some Jewish fundamentalists have around the birth of this rare breed and its correlation with the building of the 3rd Temple; it also relates to animal sacrifice, purifying those who wish to enter, and the eradication of anyone who stands in their way. Interestingly, Christian fundamentalists are also into this idea because it expedites the Second Coming: 1. Israel must become a state; 2. The 3rd Temple (that of Solomon) must be constructed. Only then will Jesus return in his Lion form, discarding the image of the Lamb and ruling for a thousand years from Jerusalem. And if you’ve ever read John’s Book of Revelation, you know it’s not going to be a peaceful transition:

Revelation 19:15

From his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.

Naturally, the Islamic world isn’t keen on Revelation. They have their own Messiah who is also on his way: Mahdi. The fundamentalists in their world are just as frightening as those in the other two. It’s important to remember here that we are talking about fundamentalists. They are a minority, yet have great power in the world. Think: Bush or Bibi or Bin Laden. Three of the biggest religions, all with their hearts set on the Temple Mount, a final battle at Megiddo (‘Armageddon’), and a sweeping conversion or cleansing of all heathens, sinners, and non-believers to their side. It’s a troubling setup — especially since I got a push notification on my phone when I finished the Red Heifer chapter about the cow being born (supposedly it happened in September, near the beginning of the Mercury cycle that is now ending; there was another in 18', but that one’s tail turned white, so it wouldn’t do).

It’s information like this I’m always looking for in pre-shadows. If you read my piece from last week, I talked all about this: “being a hawk on a limb, waiting for the right idea to come scurrying along…” For me, it has been a more thorough understanding of the Abrahamic religions — especially the fundamentalists — allowing me to have a wider grasp of what is happening there at the moment. This is the kind of work within a Mercury cycle we all should be aware of: tending to the Idea from Rx to Rx, allowing it to change us. Having nearly finished Racing Toward Armageddon, I now have a long list of books to tackle and astrological charts to cast to piece it all together throughout this upcoming cycle.

Now, as far as Mars is concerned, this Friday (15th) he will be trine to Chiron (Sag to Aries; 15º31'). Again, still combust, the Mars synodic journey has just begun. His heliacal rise doesn’t even occur until early next year. Being in Sagittarius and with Mercury headed back there, they will actually meet on the 28th, just a few degrees from the Galactic Center (23º Sag). Translation: we are in the red, but it’s yet to become red hot. The source of all this friction and heat correlates to our beliefs. Whether you believe in God or not, you have your convictions. Chiron’s support is needed. It may come in the form of sage advice or an epiphany around how we must set limits for how much of _______ we take in or put out. He will help with these boundaries, in other words.

Red is a Mars color and has a wide spectrum of associations. On one end, we think of love and passion; on the other, anger and aggression. It’s a primal hue. We bleed it — as did Christ. It’s the color of the 7-headed dragon and the Beast and the skies and the savior’s blood-stained robes when he returns. It’s the color of Hell, but it’s also the heart and the rose. Again, it’s the color of the heifer that needs to be born first, likely in one of the red states (Oklahoma or Texas or even Israel all have breeding programs taking place to speed this all up). Code red!

This Mercury retrograde is going to teach a lot about the Mars cycle we have just embarked upon. We will all receive different educations, yet they will give us exactly what is needed. Tracking these cycles can be both personal and mundane. I recommend correlating both, but if you were to choose one, make it personal. It’s a grey and nihilistic road when astrology is only applied to world affairs.

Beware of all who cannot tolerate other gods or paths in life or possess convictions about the end times. This extends to AI alarmists, climate hysterics, and those who only see red when it comes to the world of politics. Be wary of John’s bloody Revelation and become interested in these mercurial words of Christ instead:

“Behold, the kingdom of God is within you”

Luke 17; 20

…this is the key point all fundamentalists seem to miss. They take the scripture literally, mold it, and press it through their own filters, putting everyone else in danger. And don’t be fooled, astrologers do this too! It’s all relative.

Enjoy the retrograde, the trine, and the slow emergence of Mars back to the sky. It won’t be boring. Pray that the red heifer gets a blemish, a white tail, or turns blue sooner rather than later. I’m not sure we want to find out what happens if that poor cow gets sacrificed. It could be a red revelation…or revolution!?

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