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Adam Sommer
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…On the Venus/Neptune conjunction in Pisces

All five-petaled flowers have a soft spot in the heart of Venus, especially the rose. It’s one of the most beautiful terrestrial correspondences to a celestial pattern. As Venus draws the pentagram up there, down here we grabble with the thorns and amorous majesty of her roses; 5 stops every 8 years, so many mirrors to look into as we try to figure out the complexity of our hearts.

Starting in the 18th century, the word ‘rosy’ began to be used as a synonym for being cheerful and by the 21st century, it became sarcastic, even derogatory. If we see the world through ‘rose-tinted glasses’ we are seen as being unrealistic or overly optimistic. The term supposedly originates from map makers who cleaned their spectacles with rose petals. How this made a cartographer act like they were having a good day is beyond me, but it makes for an interesting story.

Astrologically, this saying is usually applied to Neptune or Pisces. If someone has Venus in Pisces or conjunct Neptune they may enjoy keeping Cupid’s arrows stuck in their bum, denying certain realities in their relationships or life in general. And actually, if you look to the West at sunset this evening, you just may see the two of them. Venus, you can see without the glasses, yet you may need those ‘rose tints’ to get a glimpse of Neptune by her side (or a drop or two of something good). So yes, today Venus and Neptune conjoin; Exalted, domicile, and a wisened evening star: A true match made in heaven. This is the Chandra Symbol for the conjunction:

25º Pisces

People and animals frightened during an eclipse.

…there is no eclipse happening, but there are sky-worthy events to be potentially frightened of. UFOs? Chinese balloons? Green lasers? Black plumes of toxic smoke over Ohio? A sunset conjunction that promises faeries, that delivers their evil twins? It’s a space of great imagination. It’s not an invitation to be scared, it’s more a signal to be alert. Tossing on those pink spectacles doesn’t change the reality of a situation. We may be able to stare at an eclipse with them, yet the spirits can still get inside. It’s a cautionary tale that dares us to be real with ourselves.

There is a reason why the pentagram has been used throughout the ages, from ancient Egyptian magi all the way through Arthur’s court to modern-day spell casters. It’s Venus’ sigil and speaks to the rawest nature of desire on this material plane. It pulls us in many directions (5 usually) and it’s crucial our soul is always rooted to the earth, our spirit free to float outside the circle, with thorns to protect us from malevolence. The rose is the greatest Venusian teacher. Mary, as well.

And so, as we contemplate our connections with a cup of rose tea as day turns to night, it’s important, to be honest with ourselves. Keep the glasses in the glove compartment when you arrive at your favorite sunset spot. It’s important we congratulate ourselves for how far we’ve come, for how lucky we’ve been, and laugh at how many mistakes we have made. Nothing escapes the rolling sea.

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