Same Boat, Some See

Adam Sommer
3 min readJan 11, 2022

On the Mars/Neptune square with Hermes turning around

Art by Banksy

Many would agree, the seas have never been this rough in our lifetime. In a literal sense, they are churning out weather with cause of great concern; Figuratively speaking, the collective seas are a super hurricane that seems to be destroying the coastlines of trust and truth, the very places we all want to live. When we talk of seas with Astrology on our minds, we think of Neptune, an outer planet that also relates to the collective mind. And when we conjure up images of white caps, storms, sea monsters, pirates, and toxicity, it is Mars who enters the picture. Today the two square off (20º Sag/Pisces).

There is hardly a unified understanding of what is happening. The world is clearly divided. Yet, if we were all on the same boat, on the same sea, we would have to work together to ensure the boat wasn’t to sink. Instead, there are folks on the left of the boat eager to knock those on the right off, and those on the right ready to do the same. With this metaphor, it’s hard to have faith in the fate of this floating vessel. But we must remember: Every square is a crisis, and it’s up to us to solve it. What is the solution? I’m not going to pretend to have the answer, but I have a hunch it has something to do with listening and remembering that again, we are all in the same boat.

Amongst these raging seas and the feuds onboard, someone has lost the map. The clouds also cream the skies to ensure there are no stars to guide us, yet there is someone always there to remind us that Mercury is about to be retrograde (Jan. 14th @ 10º20' Aquarius). No wonder the maps are missing and the GPS has stopped working. With yet another Mercury cycle about to end and begin again, we must remember to listen with our 3rd ear, and interpret the signs. All his interventions are coded like Sumerian tablets. And so, it’s everyone’s job to decipher the symbols the best we can. Now, stepping off the boat of our wet metaphor here, what are some of the prevalent symbols of our moment in time?





Spike proteins?

Orange pills?

Black pills?

Blue Pills?

Red Pills?

…to name just a few

It seems this celestial storm is no longer brewing, it is here. It has become a terrestrial storm, a personal storm, a perfect storm. How each of us will navigate it will depend on how well we listen and whether we use the oars to paddle or to flog, to redirect or to reverse course. We’ve been on these seas for too long. If we decipher the signs correctly, Hermes will hopefully lead us back to shore-those shores of trust and truth. This is not insured though, yet it becomes much more likely if we suspend what we think we know to be right, and listen deeply instead. In our dreams, we will find much.



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