Sea Change
…On Virgo

Around 14,000 years ago, before the cataclysm, when mammoths still thundered through the land and giant cats stalked wanderers, our ancestors were living in the Age of Virgo. Some call it the Golden Age of the Great Year, others don’t say much aside from the supposed focus on wheat. We can only speculate what life was like six Ages ago, but one thing is certain: it was the complete opposite of life now. As we continue drying off from the Piscean Age, it’s important to consider these great swathes of time to help us contextualize our current moment.

With the Sun now in Virgo, joining Mercury and soon-to-be Venus, let’s find our way through the weeds into the golden fields of Eleusis where we can ponder the pure forms of the Goddess this area of the sky represents. From Astraea to Dike, Daphne to Persephone, your favorite Virgo to the Virgin Mary, these celestial ladies are the perfect seeds of what we know of Virgo today.

Fertility is one theme that pollinates all these Goddess stories. It’s important then to include the fact that the constellation of Virgo begins to rise in the East during Spring, thus setting towards Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. The 2nd biggest constellation spends the entire growing season in the visible sky. It’s no wonder then that the lady of the verdant night holds some wheat in her hand, represented by the brightest star of the constellation, Spica. There are also many deep space objects in her womb, including exoplanets we now know may likely harbor life. Fertility, once again, permeates this space.

Nietzsche once said while contemplating the polarity of Virgo/Pisces in late August, “One must be a sea, to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure.” Purity is another theme we often consult when trying to understand planets in Virgo. No plant can grow in polluted waters or in poisoned soils. This purity for growth extends to the complicated concept of virginity as well. Our minds so quickly rush into the sexual, yet it includes all bodies as well. It’s about contamination and trying to keep the mind and spirit free of poisons. Likely, Mary would concur.

And when it comes to service, critique, and possible OCD, we can clearly see how this can stem from our relationship with the land. If you’ve ever been committed to an entire growing season, these qualities are absolutely necessary. We are in service to the Mother. We must be critical of our techniques, to see what is working and what isn’t. And we must be slightly obsessive about knowing how much we planted, when, and at which part of the lunar cycle we are in.

In essence, the qualities we know of Virgo today, all sprout from these Goddesses and the growing season. Persephone’s abduction was just a tilt of the Earth. Astraea’s exodus, a turning of the Ages. Daphne’s desire to escape Apollo and keep her virginity, a riddle for devotion. And the Virgin Mary, a beautiful amalgam on the soft shoulders of the ladies who came before.

Happy Virgo season. May Mercury’s time here turn your mind inside and out while he’s retrograde in this space thinking about these ancient soils.

* When talking about the constellation, I’m fully aware of the Tropical/Sidereal reality here. There is overlap. And for the purpose of this piece, it’s irrelevant.

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