Second Winds

Adam Sommer
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…On Mars stationing direct

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In less than 24 hours, Mars will station. This momentary lapse in direction concentrates immense energies that can help summon clear thoughts and even cleaner actions moving forward. Whenever a planet stations direct, it is also well on its way to moving away from us. Something has been reworked, and everything is now different.

The entire retrograde was in Gemini (26–9º, rounded up; Oct 30th-Jan 12). It made it feel like war for those with planets in Gemini but also brought everyone into the ring. When Mars comes close, this is inevitable. Being that Gemini governs the exchange of Ideas and how Mars is always keen for a good fight, the combination produced a mound of monstrous discoveries correlated to them both. It was a memorable chapter in the Information War.

George Orwell, an early 20th century writer born with both Pluto and Mercury in Gemini once observed, “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” There is much this man observed in his current time that became premonitions for what was to come for the Western world. It makes us wish we could make 1984 fiction again. It forces us to pray that there is a greater hand in all of this. It is perfect, yes, but it’s also the sneaky mark of pure evil. And with this particular Mars Rx being one of the more eventful ones in memory, I think, in a mundane sense, it can be summed up by one hashtage: #TwitterFiles. Also, if you cast the chart for Twitter, you will find Mars in Gemini. Happy Mars Return!

To quickly change the direction of the breeze to the personal, the Chandra Symbol for this station is optimistic:


Wild flowers growing around the ruins of a temple.

…it points toward a second wind. A boost of energy we didn’t know was available, due to our exhaustion, yet it comes just in time. It’s the cells tapping into an unknown source. The feeling of having just gone through an immense Soul experience, eager to forge it into something beautiful or even useful. New life springs from the old. It’s the strong sails I mentioned in this week’s Dragon Hole.

Granted, we aren’t out of the dark woods just yet. We may have glimpsed the Grail, but we still have the perilous return. If you are a believer in the integration phase of “post-shadows” it will last until March 15th when Mars will finally cross the degree it stationed retrograde on (25º36' Gemini). The way to move through this territory is by connecting the big themes from the Rx with the present to see if we have grown past them or through them. If we are still triggered, the work is not done.

Mars may be moving on, but the content which was summoned remains. The Information War will continue to rage on, despite the small victories. All the stories we gathered will live on, despite our desires of what to do about them. It’s just that the battle is over, yet the war goes on. It’s how it goes with Mars. We are all in a perpetual fight between our own power and that of others. This sometimes elegant dance has been going on forever and will continue forever. It’s a power projection game. All life plays it. May we be as graceful as we possibly can while we are in it.

  • Find Gemini in your chart. This is where it’s all been taking place.



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