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There is a first for everything.

One evening, in the deepest well of time, someone began clacking rocks together, then sticks, and miraculously discovered fire. On another day in the ineffable past, someone was walking through the jungle (maybe in a dream) and began to converse with the plants. They were given the recipe of how to mix a vine with a beautiful perennial, and Yagé found its way into their cup. The same is true with sky gazing. There had to have been a first. And when it comes to the Moon, the first lover of our malleable evening light was Endymion.

Endymion was a beautiful, young shepherd-prince and every night when the day was done he waited eagerly on his sheepskin for her to appear. When she did, he would follow her throughout the sky in awe, telling stories to her. He would speak of the mundane labors of the day, of the secret longings on his heart, and he would confess all the contents of his Soul as well. And when he finally drifted into sleep, the Moon Goddess would then visit him with similar adoration. Her name was Selene.

Selene loved Endymion so much that she begged Zeus to grant him eternal youth and slumber. It was given. So, every night, when her brother’s job was done pulling the Sun across the sky, she would glow above the horizon and ride into Endymion’s dreams. It is said they had at least 50 children together. Oh, what dreams those must have been.

Endymion was the world’s first selenophile-”lover of the moon.”

And so, tonight, as that full-bellied Moon blooms in the East, prepare yourself in a way like never before to receive her teachings, his dreams, and see where this Leo Moon wants to take you. It has feelers out for much of the great stories in the sky: Mars & Uranus (by square), Jupiter & Saturn (by opposition; and a slow-flowing trine to Ketu as well. Expect your dreamworld to be populated with these gods incognito. Expect nothing as well. Always good to remain empty.

The Moon is a dreamcatcher. She also responds well to heart songs and honied poetry aimed at her belly.

Give it a try.

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