Sitting, Wishing, Waiting

Adam Sommer
3 min readJun 28, 2023


…On Venus & Mercury

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There’s a peculiar quality to time at the moment. Within the deep time, Pluto and Saturn are retrograde — with Neptune next in line (June 30th) — and Uranus is about to get three checks from Venus with her own retrogradation. Having already crossed into her pre-shadow we are clearly gathering premonitions of what’s to come, but it’s Mercury — who is often overlooked in this phase of his cycle — that seems to be at the source of the peculiarities.

Both personally and with the stories I’m hearing, there is an uncomfortable amount of waiting taking place. Whether it be for parcels in the mail, a message from someone, or that permission to move forward, it is a torturous forced lesson in patience. When Mercury is combust in direct motion, it’s moving over 55x the speed of sound, and just half the speed of light; the feeling is one of overwhelm, forgetfulness, and tested patience. It’s not a bad idea to sit with it quietly, to contemplate it all.

Inviting Venus into the picture, she is slowly gathering all the old stories from previous Leo star-points and concocting remarkable connections to help us remember our neuroplasticity. Meaningful faces who symbolize our relationship to Leo have begun to appear; certain events and/or places reemerge; we may even find ourselves listening to the same music, watching the same films, and reading the same authors from previous Leo star-points (15', 07', 99', 91 etc). The point is to make sure our souls are fed with the proper amounts of vitamin L (eo).

In both cases — with Venus & Mercury — we are currently in a liminal space. For the Lady of Light, she is exploring the degrees to be traversed once the Rx begins; for the Lad of Inner Sight, he is racing for the evening sky if only to get a last-minute glance of the beauty before it changes. These in-between times are great for sitting, wishing, and waiting.

Donald R. Howard reminds us of something old and nutritious, “…from Gawain, the Arthurian poet, we learn that the pentagram is there both to represent the five wounds of Christ but also the five joys Mary conceived in her son. The pentagram also demonstrates the five knightly virtues — franchise, fellowship, purity, courtesy and pity. Five is the big number here.”

Every 8 years, 5 retrogrades, 3 faces of the Goddess, 1 Venus. The Venus cycle is remarkable on all levels. May we do our best to understand that it resonates with so much more than romantic love. Eros is present, but he is but one of her mischievous children. Harmonia is also there to learn from; Deimos and Phobos are ever present as well to show us our fears and how they goad us.

Aspects to consider:

Venus trine Chiron: 19º Leo/Aries; June 29th
…a warm cup of medicine appears. Take it.

Venus square Uranus: 21º Leo/Taurus; July 2nd
…the work ain’t done, it’s only begun. This should excite us.

Mercury cazimi (conj. Sun): 9º Cancer; July 1st
…well worth the patience, a profound insight awaits.

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