.: Students of Light :.

Life on earth may seem grim as of late, yet the universe is just getting started…

As we spin and tumble through space, there is a light show going on visible from all corners of the planet. And as our pale, emotive satellite wanes into darkness, it will become even more apparent that all the planets are now visible!

What does it mean?

Well, it’s helpful to think of it through the word Jyotish, which means “Science of Light.” It’s the term used for Astrology in India. It’s eloquent, it’s thought-provoking, it’s true. Everyone knows that a Full Moon brings the fangs and howls out of us; it’s the most obvious example of our observation of celestial light. Of course, there are also the stars-like our own-and the comets-like Neowise currently-and there are also the wanderers, those planets who are also reflecting the pure light of the Sun as they travel around it. They do so best when they are retrograde (or close to it).

As an example: Jupiter and Saturn are currently retrograde. Today, Jupiter opposes the Sun (Saturn next). He is close, she is bright, it is a sight to see. You may even have a kink in your neck from gazing last night. You may also notice it in how your world is stretching into novel terrain. Our concept of Truth is expanding.

Another example: Venus was just retrograde and is now clearing the space for the Sun and Mercury each morning. She is also at her brightest. Venus is shining close to Aldeberan-a star she is associated with; The Zeus infused ‘Eye of the Bull’; The sensuous ‘Watcher of the East’. She is currently 100x brighter than this royal star. Our concept of Love is evolving.

And then there was Mars. Soon to be retrograde in September, getting closer, glowing redder night after night-as if Odin’s missing eye found strong purpose once again. Is it something to be afraid of? Yes, if you can’t stand the heat; No, if you are willing to step into the fire. Our tolerance level for injustice has peaked.

Paracelsus once declared to the heavens, “Plants are terrestrial planets and planets are celestial plants.” Plants capture the light. We eat the plants. Thus, we are eaters of the Light. Our job is to spread this light. And the only way of doing so is by getting out of the shadows and becoming deeply interested in the currency of it. Words fall short, but it has everything to do with living from the heart and shining bright.

Do you think the Sun cares what anyone thinks of it? Do you think the Moon feels judged by all her changes? Even Venus disappears from time to time. We all need space. In fact, it’s all we have. Time. Space. And Light. Forever. As students of light, it’s our duty to live in it, not out of the darkness.

Get outside tonight or in the early morning dew to catch a glimpse. They are all holes to heavens. Maybe you will encounter a wild god as well.


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Adam Sommer

Adam Sommer


Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack: https://kosmognosis.substack.com/