The Bitcoin Volcano

On the Saturn & Mars opposition

“The inflated imitations of gold and silver, which after the rapture are thrown into the fire, all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt. All scripts and bonds are wiped out. At the fourth pillar dedicated to Saturn, split by earthquake and flood: vexing everyone, an urn of gold [Bitcoin] is found and then restored.”


In the year 2008, just as the icy “non-planet” with a heart drawn on its chest moved into Capricorn, an “anon” entity wrote a white paper in response to the toxic, tectonic shifts happening in the world economy. In this paper, the idea of Bitcoin was presented. The author, Satoshi Nakamoto, remains a mystery to this day, yet the impact of the idea presented when Pluto was moving into Capricorn has proven itself to be one of the most promising ideas the world has ever seen. It has been declared dead thousands of times; It has been repressed, ridiculed, and yet, most of the world now knows its name. And soon, in the first country in the world to make it legal tender, BTC will be given even more life and security by volcanos in El Salvador, blasting through the argument of it being terrible for the environment.

The story of Bitcoin is unbelievable, and really, has only just begun. No matter what your thoughts are around it, it’s impossible to ignore the presence of Bitcoin today. In just over 12 years, it has gone from an idea to something your nerdiest friend talked about, into the best performing asset in the history of the world. And for good reason. Bitcoin was created to be a solution to the corruption of the legacy systems in place. Bitcoin is gold with a teleportation device. It is the people’s money. And lately, it has been through a lot.

The Mars/Saturn opposition which has been rumbling beneath and bringing the extreme heat from above over the past weeks is nearly exact (July 1st). It’s a “malefic” stand-off between Leo/Aquarius-the Kings & Queens vs the People. From the angle I’m seeing this play out, I’m not just rooting for the underdog (us), I’m convinced this is one of the best chances we’ve ever had. They will try to control it, and they will fail. Too much has left her Box. We now have the tools, they want a piece, and are doing everything in their power to get what’s yours. When it comes to Bitcoin, this opposition has been happening on the Nodes of the Moon in BTC’s genesis chart. For those paying attention over the past couple of months will know, there has never been more “bad” news about it; It’s as if an organized FUD (fear.uncertainty.doubt) campaign has been created to destroy it. That’s not what is happening. The fear is created so that they can get your Bitcoin. Remember: There are only 21 million of them. With nearly 8 billion people on the planet, only fractions will be available for everyone. They are beginning to understand this, and have realized the only way to control it is to own most of it. Not possible, though slightly, if you choose to sell. I know, many of you reading this probably don’t own any Bitcoin (yet), but it’s important to educate yourself around it and not be left blowing in the wind.

For those of you already plugged into the network, with this Mars/Saturn opposition peaking and on-chain metrics looking similar to March of 2020 (beginning of this Mars/Saturn cycle and the COVID market crash), keep your chin up. You are a vital part of history-making. Hodl. Don’t get shaken out. It’s all happening.

Fear is the mind (abundance) killer.




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Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack:

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Adam Sommer

Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack: