The Dreamcatcher

Adam Sommer
3 min readJan 21, 2021


Art by “Blond Bull” par Léa Roche

Wherever the Moon goes, so too does our dreaming. As we sleep, a part of us travels towards that silver light, receiving the appropriate coordinates, and beams into the proper story taking place in our psyche. This is easily tracked within our charts. It can be seen easiest in a sidereal sense, but within phases as well. In other words: The Moon is a dreamcatcher.

If true, we could imagine the Red King having dreams last night of being trampled by bulls as the Moon moved into Taurus (his 10th house, square Pluto), the “Blue King” (Biden) being lifted by devotees of the Bull God, nourished by an American variant of amrita as he had his lunar return, and if Bitcoin could dream, its dream would have been of insidious bears attempting to tear apart its blocks bit by bit. For all of us, wherever Taurus falls in our charts is where we were dreaming-and still are if we were to treat our waking life as a dream as well. If you have planets in Taurus, they were characters in your dream. Even if you don’t, planets aspecting the Moon, like Mars/Uranus in the sky, Jupiter/Saturn from 90º away would equate as well. This is also true of natal placements. The more fine-tuned our awareness of this lunar magic, the speedier our learning and our chances of waking up become.

At the moment, we remain in the combustible wake of the Mars/Uranus conjunction, and the Moon is close by. It’s not quite over just yet. If we include the Aquarian set up squaring it, we have captured the theme to the start to 2021: Change we cannot yet trust! The weather is still perfect for storms. The zeitgeist still studded with hashtags to divide us. The media a cesspool of moldy information. Sure, there is some good news, and we should celebrate it, yet we must remain on high alert for bull-sh*t. The Moon has her soft arms around his neck for now, but what happens when she moves on….

Our dreams may be clueing us in.

With the Year of the Ox just around the corner and the first major transit of 2021 over, I am still bullish for 2021. Just last night I had dreams of victory. Taurus friends were in it, we were feasting, listening to great music, and having a moment, yet around the table was serious discussion of our future. For me, it was in my 9th house, trining my Ascendant. In all of the revelry around me, I refused libation and other variants. In the dream, I knew I needed to be the sharpest version of myself if I was to make it through the eye of this needle. So, with my body strong, mind clear as the desert sky, I felt my spirit shining and ready to help in the ways I can as the Devil taunts the World and the Tower shakes.

What was it for you?


Keep a journal. And if you don’t remember, remember this: We are in a waking dream as well. Translate this one in a similar manner.

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