The Lion’s Gait
…On the Bending & a beautiful ingress

Adam Sommer
3 min readAug 10, 2022


The variation between the way in which humans and animals walk is immense. Whether bipedal or striding on all fours, there is natural locomotion we see in animals (with the exception of raccoons, of course) we rarely see in people. Blame it on shoes, poor posture, Saturn, or gravity, the gait of most of us could use some improvement. For starters, we sit more than we stand. Also, when standing, we usually lean. This combination of factors is enough to make many hobblers, limbers, slouchers, and slumpers out of us.

Take lions for example. The way in which they glide through their environment is graceful and full of pride. Compare that with someone who hasn’t ran in twenty years, who spends most their time forming molds in easy chairs, and it’s safe to assume their gait may be lacking the grace of a lion. It may be more akin to an injured raccoon.

My point is this: The way we move through the world is important. It’s essential, in fact. When our backs are straight, our shoulders back, with our hearts meeting the world first, there is a physiological certainty that we will feel more confident than if we were slumped, leaning, or dragging our feet. One version is charged by the Sun, the other beat down by Saturn.

Now, there is a bending happening at the moment. Not just to our backs, but in regards to the Sun in Leo and the Nodes of the Moon (with Uranus). There’s a lot to be said about squares to the Nodes, but the point I’d like to stress here is that it’s the midpoint between eclipses. This happens twice a year and isn’t exactly an ‘eclipse window,’ but more an “eclipse backdoor.” If eclipses help to change our stories, these bendings are opportunities to review and edit them. Reflecting back to April/May and forward three months to the next eclipses can be helpful in this process. How did the eclipses change the story 3 months ago? Where are we at now? What to expect in three?

Venus is also about the move into Leo tomorrow (Aug 11th). The year began with her retrograde and a start to her synodic cycle; At the moment, she is contemplating life in the evening sky, which will come by year’s end. When Venus gathers around the fire, her gait is feline. She stalks the Muse and pounces on the stage. She reminds us that it’s not about love, it’s about beauty. Beauty is always the precursor to love. Plus, love is a limited word in the language I’m using. She moves in beautiful ways and tries to get us to do the same. The beauty in her cycles and presence in the morning and evening skies are helpful reminders to pack as much of that light and geometry into us as humanly possible.

And on the 12th, under that Aquarian Full Moon, another World Age party can be planned. Gates and portals will open and close, no matter how strong the celestial correspondences and an opportunity to ingest some more light will come again. This Full Moon also scratches at this idea of the bending still, which may try and trip us up. As long as all our senses are online and our cat-like reflexes are primed, there is nothing to fear.

The image is this: Cool cats at 5 am, who didn’t wake for it but never went to bed; they are purring with the sunrise, trying to figure all this out. Just. like. us.

* Find it all in your chart. That’s your homework.
* * I love raccoons, they just need chiropractors

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