The Signal and the Noise
…On all the happenings within this Dragon Hole

Midjourney generated art

We are officially in between eclipses. With the Solar Eclipse in our wake and the Lunar one awaiting us on a fresh patch of November, this liminality floats not just between shadowy lunations, but also among a few heavy-hitting transits.

Whenever there are multiple inputs, it’s a challenge to find the signal we need amongst the noise. Is it the eclipse that has been feeling this way or is it Venus’ cazimi? It could be Jupiter getting closer to the water’s edge, moving back into Pisces? Or maybe it’s Mars having reached its stationary degree, gearing up to bring the heat!? And when we add the multitudes of voices out there to the questions we have, the confusion can seem like static on a television screen.

There are a few suggestions that may help with this potential confusion. The first is the Rule of Rarity. That is, which transit happens less frequently than the others. This can help in understanding more of the foundation of the current times, versus getting lost in the changing lights all around us. For instance, Venus reaches this star point every 8 years, Jupiter hangs out in Pisces every 12, Mars goes Rx every 2, and these eclipses (according to the Saros Series) happen every 18 plus. So we then use the eclipses-the dragon hole-as the foundation of our understanding; Jupiter can offer us clues to the subtle shift in the public mood; Venus pulls in themes and people who resonate with us on this particular star point; And with the Mars Rx, well, he is going to be running around, poking and prodding and triggering the themes associated with all of it.

Ultimately, to find the true signal amongst the noise, it’s our intuition that speaks the clearest. Yet, most of us don’t trust our intuition. We outsource our innate intelligence for the opinions of others. Even if they may know more on a subject, there is still always a deeper knowing within ourselves we must learn to trust. There’s nothing wrong with taking what’s useful, then discarding the rest. We have loads to learn from each other, but that guidance, that true north, is always an inner light.

To borrow another quote from Joe Campbell which I feel closely orbits the themes at present, “The savior who represents the culmination of consciousness is in accord with the serpent power of the universe.” The savior is an avatar of the Piscean Age, which is ending. It’s a long slog through these final stages and it will take decades to fully dry off from such an ambiguous narrative, and if it’s not clear to us yet, it’s good to remember: We can only save ourselves. Outsourcing such liberations are lazy and without enough responsibility. To be saved by ourselves is the ultimate ‘culmination of consciousness (this is not implying we can’t have a little help from our friends or teachers either). And as far as the ‘serpent power of the universe,’ the astrological equivalent can be gleaned from the Nodes of the Moon-the eclipse creators.

The Nodes contain our stories. Seen as the dragon, they also eclipse our stories. And if the world is made of stories, it’s in these spaces between where we can finally find the signal, and save ourselves while surrounded by all the noise.

We must allow the plots to twist and do our best to disentangle from the tales which steal our power. Many of these tales exist around Ketu, the dragon’s tail. Study this area (first decan of Scorpio) closely when considering these ideas.

Enjoy the dragon hole!

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Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack:

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Adam Sommer

Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack: