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Adam Sommer
2 min readMay 4, 2021

(On Mercury in Gemini)

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The “talker” in our solar system is making moves. Riding the breeze back home into Gemini, just as he makes his appearance in the evening sky is incredibly poetic. When Mercury is domicile (his own sign) all his stories are readily available and all the right words are eager to leap from his tongue. The are ten thousand ways in which this may manifest in us, but it’s crucial we adopt a birds eye view (preferably a hummingbirds) on what is coming out of us during this time.

Terence Mckenna had many wild ideas about language. He observed that our world was made of it; that matter was a concept and in both the biological and digital realms, it is language evolving everything forward, creating novelty, epiphany, and beautifully complex systems. It is an idea Mercury is intimate with, one he patiently waits for all of us to finally discover.

The more aware we become of our language, the less need we have for unnecessary similitudes (“ummmm” “like” “ya know” “so…). The same is true of vulgarity. When we allow the awareness to settle in so that we can choose our words more carefully, a different world opens up. It gives more focus to our stories, enlivens all the characters, and adds power to the words. And so, as Mercury gains in brightness over the coming weeks moving towards his next Rx, maybe ask him to help with this linguistic exercise. Even if it’s only learning a new word or saying, observe how it feels when you are using it. Does it make you feel smarter? Does it give you a deeper understanding of what it points to? Have you watched it infect another person close to you? Language works like this: it’s infectious, just like talking with Mercury.

To add a layer of context to this phase of the Mercury Cycle, it’s good to remember where and when it began. It was a day in the wake of the Red King’s reign, February 8th to be precise when Mercury crossed between the Earth and Sun to mark the beginning of this magical little journey. It occurred at 20ª Aquarius. Now, here’s the real work: If you can connected the theme from the beginning to the present and find the right language to convey what the Magi has shown you thus far, you are ready to graduate to the next level of magician yourself.

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