True or Mean
…On the Uranus/North Node conjunction (again)

The day has finally arrived for Uranus and Rahu (North Node of the Moon) to align. It happens at 18º34' Taurus.

After reading that sentence, you may be like: “But that’s not what ‘so and so’ said. They said it’s on the 31st. You may even see that in your own program. If so, you have brushed up against the perennial debate between Mean vs. True Node.

As is the case with all astrological techniques, it’s important to test them out for yourself, and ultimately, to be allergic to dogma within the process. I’d say many astrologers aren’t even aware of which they are using. But for those of you who care, we can use this subtle difference between dates to do a little test.

Info needed:

Uranus/NN (Mean): July 26th
Uranus/NN (True): July 31st
Sabian Symbol for the degree of conjunction: A new continent rising out of the sea (Zealandia?)
Themes: Innovative. Volatile. Hungry. Nascent. Exciting
Quote: “I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center.” Vonnegut
Image: Dragon chewing on the Gordian Knot
Feeling: Butterflies on speed in the belly

Now, once we have lived through both of these dates and have taken some good notes, we can revisit this piece here, and comment on our findings. I imagine there will be some very curious tales. I also imagine them bleeding together a bit. Being that Mars is involved as well, there may even be an element of danger involved. Be careful. It’s this last week of July that I’ve had my eyes on all year. By the time August is here, we will all have a story to tell.

Personally, I use Mean Nodes because I’ve never noticed much compelling evidence for the Nodes stationing direct, and I simply resonate with them more. The two are never more than a degree or two apart, but for some of you on the cusp, it can change your chart dramatically. Still, that should be exciting to try and figure out. No dogma here.

And so, let’s live to tell the tale, shall we….

Here is Steven Forrest explaining the nodal difference better than I can:,the%20center%20of%20the%20Earth.

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