Truth is a Dragon

On Mercury’s cazimi in Leo

Art by Johfra-Bosschart

We have traded Truth for relative truths. Through the dregs of the Great Year, of what some would call Kali Yuga, we have sliced and diced everything up with the blades of our analysis, sacrificing Divine ideas and losing the trail of synthesis. We have become lost in our endless reality tunnels, divorced from meaning and the origin of this miracle we are breathing in. To Mercury, this is the greatest of tragedies.

Currently, our bird lover is missing from the sky. He is flying fast behind the Sun, taking notes from the Phoenix on what his next move will be. By the end of August, he will be sitting with his caduceus every sunset, recounting his stories for those who are listening. But for now, he is in the flames; combust, soon cazimi, and we are being tested on everything learned since the beginning of the cycle on June 11th (Gemini). For myself, one of the Ideas he dropped back into my head this cycle was his mythic dialogue with the Divine Pymander-the Eternal Logos, that fiery Dragon he encountered on the mountain who shared with him the secrets of the Universe. A sample of that transmission:

“In this manner it was accomplished, O Hermes: The Word moving like a breath through space called forth the Fire by the friction of its motion. Therefore, the Fire is called the Son of Striving. The Workman passed as a whirlwind through the universe, causing the substances to vibrate and glow with its friction, The Son of Striving thus formed Seven Governors, the Spirits of the Planets, whose orbits bounded the world; and the Seven Governors controlled the world by the mysterious power called Destiny given them by the Fiery Workman.”

…In the beginning, there was that Word, and that Word was good…

The only difference between the world and the Word is a vertical line; an axis between Soul/Spirit, God/Matter, Up/Down, Black/White, a separation, and a polarity. That line is the wedge that creates the illusion keeping us scratching our heads when we hear that the world is made of language. Think: Without it, what would exist? What would there be without the word and the stories it tells? It both brings us into the world and tangles us in it. It’s confusing; it is also confounding.

Now, just as Mercury passes through the heart of the Sun (cazimi) he also will oppose Saturn, and make a sextile to the North Node of the Moon. Translation: The state of the world is opposed to the teachings carried by Hermes, received from the Golden Dragon sometimes called Pymander. A confusion of truths. Misinformation on the grandest scale. As far as the sextile with Rahu, well, that is the support from the dragon itself. It’s a nudge to read the Divine Pymander, to see for yourself how it makes you feel when you remember the Truth. Perhaps, to have your own moment on the mountain like so many brave ones who have come before.

The conjunction will be different for all of us, yet the degree will be the same: 9º of Leo (Aug 1st). Find it in your chart. Pray for an encounter with the Truth. A fire that will burn away any of the relative truths you may have been picking up online, replacing them with an unspeakable light-a word beyond words into a world beyond worlds. Something we simply know to be true.

Praise Hermes & The Great Dragon




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Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack:

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Adam Sommer

Dedicated to Kosmos, Mythos, and Psyche. “Great stories are worthy of constellations.” Substack: