Uncontrollable Swings

Adam Sommer
3 min readOct 18, 2023


…On Mercury speeding up, heading for the heart of the Sun in between these eclipses

Reason, I sacrifice you to the evening breeze.

– Aimé Césaire

It’s in this phase of the Mercury Cycle when we no longer can catch a glimpse, yet we can certainly experience his hurriedness and desire to get back to the sky. For those familiar with the retrograde, this is the opposite — both create conjunctions with the Sun, yet one happens while retrograde, the other (this one) occurs while direct. These hidden moments of the synodic cycle are key points in the planet’s journey and the way it translates in us can seem akin to the Rx, yet containing subtle differences. There aren’t as many tricks per se, but with the speed of his travel, a forgetfulness can be prevalent; also, without being in the sky and halfway through a cycle, it’s easy to lose track of where we are at as well.

When Mercury is retro, he disappears from the evening breeze, only to appear again in the morning before the Sun; And when Mercury disappears from the morning breeze, he will then soon return to the West in the evening. This is where we are at: the transition from East to West. It is a maturation process. All the ideas gathered at the beginning of the cycle (Aug 23-Sep 15) have been explored. It’s now time to see if they survive the underworld — to see just how sturdy they are in the heart of the sun (cazimi). And for those that survive the journey will develop deep pathways in the brain, completely transforming our relationship with the world.

One of the ideas that has been orbiting my spheres this cycle relates to Pluto. Being that the cazimi on the 20th (26º34’ Libra) will be square to Pluto in Capricorn, it may be appropriate to offer a preview of it here…

The basis of it pertains to Pluto cycles for nations. Most of us know by now the US is experiencing a Pluto Return, yet did you know that China is experiencing an opposition (both CCP & Imperial charts)? Israel as well in the coming decade. Back in September when Mercury was retrograde and beginning this whole cycle I came across Graham Allison’s book Destined for War about the Thucydides Trap relating to US/China relations. His thesis is simple: anytime there is a rising power, there is a strong tendency for that power to clash with the current great power; it seems obvious, I know, but it’s insanely compelling when you apply Pluto Cycles to his examples given in the book. The US & China are the primary focus of the book, but again, Israel has Pluto in Leo — just as China does. Translation: The Pluto opposition is when the rising power tests the current one, and often takes it: ie. The US experienced its opposition in the 30’s. The rest is history.

With all the chaos now erupting in Gaza, the surprising hot takes we are getting from people maybe we trusted before, and with the total soul-level exhaustion we all feel from the past few years, it may be a good idea to peruse the inner cartography a bit for answers. The scales are broken on the outside. Depending on what you define justice as, well, that too is suspect. We must hold to solid ideas that help inform us with our own opinions and keep us from becoming polarized.

The “ring of fire” eclipse was in Libra. This cazimi with Mercury is in Libra. And Ketu (south node) continues to release as much toxic content through us as possible from Libra. So, when it comes to the odious ‘game of thrones’ and the way in which Pluto warps people and nations around ideas of power, we must be careful with the uncontrollable swings in both propaganda and our own emotional states. With Mercury by our side, may we navigate this 4th Turning with grace and opened hearts.

next eclipse:

Oct 28th; Partial Lunar Eclipse: 5º Taurus

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