What I Mean is True — or is it?

Adam Sommer
4 min readJul 11, 2023

…On the Nodal sign change

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There are those who track the Nodes of the Moon and there are those who do not; there are those who focus in on the North one, feeling the South one is something to forget — and then there are even those who use the Mean over the True measurements of the Nodes. It’s confusing. But if you are a lover of dragons, eclipses, and are interested in the mythic backbone of our life story, you are eager to see what’s to come with the shift from Scorpio/Taurus into Libra/Aries.

for Mean (average): July 12th
for True: July 17th
…they will remain until the first weeks of January of 2025, gobbling up the Sun & Moon every chance they can get — every six months.

Let’s open up this speculation with a Mark Twain quote:
“Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress, but I repeat myself.”

Thanks to the internet and all the exponential increases in our technologies which have given us the ability to share information instantly the whole world over, it’s become much easier to see the rot at the foundation of many of our institutions. You would think this would make us want to run away, yet it seems to have the opposite effect. It turns us into rubbernecking, semi-anon online political commentators, caught in the undertow of the infinite scroll. Now, if you are immune to this, you got your immunity somehow and are well aware of what I’m getting at here. This is but one layer in which we can contemplate this nodal shift. There will be multitudes of expressions to consider. This one will be universally present I reckon.

Wherever Ketu (south node) goes, excess needs to be released: old stories, weak connections, distracting patterns — anything that takes our attention away from the moment. Being that it’s headed for Libra, politics is one theme the dragon’s tail will wrap tightly around. However set our identity is around the many social themes, it will be squeezed and tested and churned like the milky ocean in those creation tales of old.

Wherever Rahu (north node) goes, excess is to be expected: stories we want to see written, connections we want to be made, creating novel patterns that have no guarantee of being good for us long-term — anything that takes our attention away from the moment. And being that it’s headed for Aries, this is where we will find the fight with the dragon. With an insatiable desire to make a name for itself, its drive is personal, without reason attached. There is a danger here.

Naturally, they will be here for the 24' elections in the US. Monitoring the number of hours spent on such topics, and how often we bring it up in conversations will prove to be helpful. We don’t want to turn into that “monster.” We all know the kind.

Now, outside the mundane and inside our own magical landscape, we must first identify where this dragon will be traveling. Simply find the Libra/Aries axis in your chart and you’ve landed there — and if you have planets here (or Cardinal signs), those are also important to consider. Again, where Ketu moves, so too does the compost pile; where Rahu goes, so too will the objects of our desire. Gathering stories and awareness with the nodes is a subtle practice, one well worth our time.

And then we have the eclipses. Come October 14th, we will get another “Great American” one which occurs in Libra. The one on October 28th will actually fall in Taurus. So we will have to wait until 24' for the Aries plot twists. It’s always with eclipses that we become much more intimate with the themes of the nodal axis. It’s not to say we won’t have an idea before, but it’s with the occultations that we become certain.

All in all, it’s a novel shift in the skies to keep in mind. With Mars now in Virgo (the ruler of Aries) we may become captivated by the finer details of how these elusive “shadow planets” function; And with Venus nearly retrograde (ruler of Libra), we can sway in our Summer hammock thinking about another quote I’ll share by Kahlil Gibran, “Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.”

We must curate our time wisely. Cultivate good relationships. Axe the toxic ones. And have boundaries of steel — with laser focus if we can.

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